Top Three Things Virtual Conference Attendees are Looking for in 2021

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As we prepare to host virtual conferences this new year, we must take a look at how the transition to the digital space influenced the expectations of virtual attendees. After almost a year of becoming more accustomed to a strong reliance on technology and remote work, many individuals have set expectations for virtual conferences in 2021 and are counting on that to be considered. Virtual conference attendees are sure of what they like and dislike about these virtual events, but exactly how have their expectations evolved this past year?

Virtual Conference Attendees Want to Connect

Having the opportunity to network and converse is a major benefit of attending live, in-person events. While attendees were once open to watching online presentations with little to no interaction last year, they are now expecting to have the ability to connect with colleagues, exhibitors, and virtual conference speakers. Although incorporating a Q&A session, live chat, or poll into your presentation are good methods to encourage audience engagement, plan on creating more of an intimate setting for small groups to chat and get to know each other better.

Break Out of the Traditional Schedule

While typical in-person meetings or conferences tend to last from hours to several days, virtual conference attendees would prefer not to sit in front of a computer screen for that amount of time. When arranging 2021 virtual conference schedules, plan to integrate breaks so that your audience maintains continuous engagement and gets the most out of the conference. For a list of the Top 2021 Virtual Speakers in Canada check out this blog.

Give Attendees a Voice

Although it is completely appropriate to decide what content you are going to present, consider engaging your attendees in a way that will enhance your virtual conferences. Don’t just encourage your audience to participate in a post-event evaluation. Surpass their expectations and involve them in the development of your next virtual conference. Accomplish this by looking over your social media activity during times of previous virtual events, find commentary left by attendees, then reach out to those individuals for one-on-one feedback. Accepting critique from attendees will help you determine the drawbacks of previous events, so your future events better meet their expectations.

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