Tips for Event Planners: Trends in the Meetings Market

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This year’s report on The Use of Professional and Industry Speakers in the Meetings Market, compiled by Tagoras & Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, shows some interesting trends to consider as you plan your next conference or event. Here are three thoughts to consider, based on the collected data from over 170  meeting and event planners across the United States:

1. Hire a professional speaker. Nearly 85% of survey respondents said that their organization utilizes outside speakers.

A professional speaker brings your group their personal expertise, a fresh perspective, crafted materials, presentation excellence, and so much more. Working with a professional speakers bureau gives you access to quality resources, assistance in finding the best possible fit for your audience, and a level of expertise not guaranteed by word of mouth referrals.


2. Consider what “extra” content a speaker can provide for you. Sixty-six percent of event planners would like their plenary speaker to be involved beyond simply giving their keynote.

Ask us how our speakers can help extend their influence and maximizing the value of your event. From multi-media pieces throughout the meeting day to signed paraphernalia from our celebrities to break-out sessions or executive huddles, our roster of specializes speakers has much to offer.


3. Be open to names you haven’t heard before. Less than a third of survey respondents said that hiring a “big name” was extremely important to them.

Although a “big name” can be an initial draw, what matters at the end of the day is the quality of content that is delivered, and the fit of a speaker with your particular end goals. Consider new options and unfamiliar names – but always feel free to ask for a sample video of their work or to speak with them directly before making a decision.


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