Hebert, deVos & Friedman Weigh In On This Week’s Happenings

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Jason deVos, Sports Speaker, Professional Soccer Player, Profile Image

This is a busy and eventful week in Canadian sports & politics, and our speakers are in the midst of dialogue on what the recent events may mean…

Jason deVos, Sports Speaker, Professional Soccer Player, Profile ImageJason deVos weighs in on the new head coach situation for TFC:

Being a successful coach requires a deep understanding of the game – that is simply a given. More importantly, being a successful coach requires the ability to read players, to get inside their heads and find out what makes them tick – what motivates them. This is a skill that Nelsen may very well possess, but given that he has never coached before, is completely unknown.

This is either a very bold move or a completely crazy one.


What do you think; is this choice crazy, or crazy-bold?


Elliotte Friedman, Adventure and Sports Speaker, CBC, Profile ImageElliotte Friedman‘s thoughts on Brian Burke’s firing:

There must be a catalyst, a final straw that doomed the marriage – calling for a divorce at the weirdest possible time. Losing can’t be the only reason…Next week, we’ll find out if it really was Roberto Luongo. (Good thing he’s got a great sense of humour, he’s getting blamed for everything from new CBA rules to executive firings)…

What do you think; is the firing because of Luongo, or are there other reasons to  let Burke go at this precise moment?

Chantal Hebert, French / Bilingual Speaker, Political Raconteur and Columnist, Profile ImageChantal Hébert on expectations for Friday’s meeting between the PM & First Nations leaders:

The biggest risk on Friday is not that the Prime Minister will make too low an opening bid to restore a working relationship with the First Nations but that he will find himself playing solitaire…

As for Spence, the calling of Friday’s meeting offered her best opportunity to end her hunger strike with a victory.

(from the Toronto Star)


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