Gail Vaz-Oxlade: “Money Moron” & 5 Tips to Prevent Meltdowns

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Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s new television series Money Moron premieres this Friday evening at 9pm on Slice. In Money Moron, the financial guru helps over-spenders and their victims: from spouses, to parents and children Gail helps a “tattler” confront a “money moron” in order to resolve their failing relationship.

She assigns the “money moron” various tasks, like keeping a spending journal and cash flow budget. If they succeed, they can be awarded up to $10,000.

In an interview with the Canadian Press Gail explains,

“People at home will watch this and all to learn how to tell the truth, how to lovingly tell the person that they’re genuinely interested in helping, ‘This is not working, we have to do something.'”

Gail is passionate about getting people to take control of their money and  their lives. She is best known for her frank-talking ways as host of Til  Debt Do Us Part and Princess, two other Slice TV shows that focus on helping individuals and couples rethink and rewire  their spending habits.

Here are Gail’s five tips on how to prevent money meltdowns in relationships:

1. Confess your financial issues, whether they concern your own money or your partner’s.
2. Don’t deceive each other in anything related to finances.
3. Have constructive, rather than confrontational, cash chats; communicate your longer-term financial goals to find a common ground.
4. Choose when you talk about finances carefully: timing is everything!
5. Don’t let one person take all control over the money, it should be a joint effort.

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