Bringing Clarity to Your Vision: Donald Cooper in the Globe & Mail

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Donald Cooper, business innovator and thought leader, was featured in Sunday’s Globe and Mail. Founder of the highly successful Cooper Canada Ltd (a sporting goods manufacturing company), he also holds an MBA from the University of Western Ontario and spent 14 years as one of Canada’s most innovative retailers.

Clearly, he is a knowledgeable consultant, one whose chief aim is to help your company clarify its vision.

He starts by building a clear, understandable vision that can inspire others. Many companies, he notes, cram their vision statements with motherhood statements like “honouring their customers” or “having fun” that offer no real direction to employees…

When that’s completed, you can develop your mission statement: A clear, one-page statement of what you commit to do, this year, in every part of the business, to move toward the three- to five-year vision. You should create a fresh mission statement about two months before the end of each fiscal year, so you know what you intend to accomplish in the coming year. (from the Globe and Mail)


Too many companies have muddled their vision, overcomplicated their mission, and are floundering as a result, he believes.

Does your company have clear, identifiable goals? Are your central purpose and values practical and concise? Could Donald help bring clarity and direction?


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