Barry Kennedy

Barry Kennedy, Entertainment and Comedy Speaker, Profile Image

Former fighter pilot flies again…but this time the thrill comes from making people laugh. After growing up in Winnipeg, graduating from Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, following which he was an Air Force pilot in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Québec and on Vancouver Island, Barry Kennedy had the opportunity to suss out our great land even before he started acting and doing stand-up comedy in every nook and cranny Canada has to offer.

Ann Douglas

Ann Douglas bio image

They don’t call her “The Mother of All” for nothing. Ann Douglas has been Canada’s go-to guide to all things parenting since the publication of her now-classic The Mother of All Pregnancy Books over a decade ago. And with the publication of her most book, Parenting Through the Storm, she has established herself as a passionate advocate for mental health and wellbeing.

Angela Mondou

Angela Mondou, Military and Business Leadership, Profile Image

Angela Mondou is a marketing executive and leadership expert whose unconventional career has taken her from worldwide military operations to top-ranked high-tech companies.

While working for NATO in West Germany in 1992, Angela successfully led the global logistics strategy to deploy the largest United Nations Peacekeeping contingent [UNPROFOR] in history into former Yugoslavia while under fire.