Welcome to the Team!

Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air, Author Janet Lapp

Prospeakers is proud to announce the addition of two wonderful speakers: Kathleen Taylor & Howard Behar. Welcome to the team! As a global executive, Kathleen Taylor attributes her business success to an unyielding customer focus, strong core values,  constant innovation and authentic leadership. These key elements combined with her ability to build high performing teams have enabled the ongoing delivery of superior … Read More

Michelle Ray: Lead Yourself First

Michelle Ray, Keynote Female Motivational Speaker, Leadership Expert, Profile Image

Michelle Ray is a highly sought-after international business keynote speaker, consultant, author and educator who demonstrates a deep understanding of the importance of self-leadership in business and in life. Creating her own successful international business, Michelle believes that leadership is a state of mind and helps individuals at any stage of their career to master personal leadership, that is, the ability to take charge … Read More

Thank you, Mom!

Cyndi Desjardins, International Motivational Speaker, Profile Image

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, prospeakers.com is sending a heartfelt “thank you” to all the remarkable moms: thank you for providing unconditional love and support; for always extending your arms when we need to be held; and for even chasing away the monsters in the closet. Sometimes we wonder: “How do they do it all?” This weekend is the … Read More

The Icing On the Cake for Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson, Adventure and Sports Speakers, The Goal of the Century, Hockey Player, Profile Image

Paul Henderson, Canadian hockey icon,  has been battling cancer for the past four years. But things are looking up. Not only has his tumour shrunk, but he also received the Order of Canada last week. In his meeting with Prime Minister Harper to receive the award, he spoke about his cancer treatment: “After seven months of this clinical trial that she … Read More

Michelle Ray – Lead Yourself First

Michelle Ray, Keynote Female Motivational Speaker, Leadership Expert, Profile Image

Michelle Ray, leadership strategist and international business keynoter, recently published her first book, Lead Yourself First.   Last week, she sat down with the Calgary Herald for an interview: On the topic of why she decided to write this book, she shared that many “people opt for the status quo; justifying their position because staying stuck is easier than creating change… Through … Read More

Bringing Clarity to Your Vision: Donald Cooper in the Globe & Mail

Donald Cooper, Business and Economy Speaker, Innovator, Profile Image

Donald Cooper, business innovator and thought leader, was featured in Sunday’s Globe and Mail. Founder of the highly successful Cooper Canada Ltd (a sporting goods manufacturing company), he also holds an MBA from the University of Western Ontario and spent 14 years as one of Canada’s most innovative retailers. Clearly, he is a knowledgeable consultant, one whose chief aim is to … Read More

Sport Leadership: A Story from Doug Keeley

Doug Keeley, Business and Economy Speaker, Leadership Expert, Profile Image

Doug Keeley, founder of The Mark of a Leader, is one of our top-rated speakers and a phenomenal storyteller. Here he shares an example of integrity and honour in a world currently shaken by those determined to win at any cost… Sport has always been one of the world’s favourite metaphors for achievement and leadership. Why? Because sports stories are … Read More

Evaluating Your Workplace: 10 Questions

Do your employees love their jobs? Do they love their workplace? Workplace culture is key in employee satisfaction, and higher employee satisfaction means better results. Mike Kerr, expert on creating healthier workplaces, recently blogged 10 questions to help evaluate your workplace culture. 1. Are you proud enough of your workplace to recommend it as a place your own children and … Read More

Failure Leads to Winning – Mike Lipkin

“If you have a body, you’re an athlete, says Nike. We’re all competitors in the game of life and 2011 has been an amazing race, but it’s almost over. It’s a sprint to the finish line. It’s also a sprint to the starting line of 2012 – The year of the London Olympics. That’s what I’m training for. I want … Read More