Kathy Buckworth: I Am So the Boss of You

Kathy Buckworth, Entertainment and Comedy Speaker, Parenting Expert, Profile Image

Kathy Buckworth’s latest book takes office boardroom techniques into the home. In, I Am So the Boss of You, she predicts a society where corporate policies and practices regulate the family. Her eight step guide aims to give your family a successful business-like structure. Kathy, a mother of four kids, award-winning writer, television personality and public speaker, helps moms everywhere … Read More

Dr. David Posen, Author & Stress Expert, on Workplace Stress

Disciplined for Life, Author Bob Urichuck

Interested in lowering your stress levels this spring?? Well, Dr. David Posen, noted stress expert and lifestyle coach, recently released a new book titled, Is Work Killing You? A Doctor’s Prescription for Treating Workplace Stress. A recent Globe and Mail article reports the four main facts that Dr. Posen believes act as a starting point for any conversation on stress at work: “1) Workplaces are making … Read More

Evaluating Your Workplace: 10 Questions

Do your employees love their jobs? Do they love their workplace? Workplace culture is key in employee satisfaction, and higher employee satisfaction means better results. Mike Kerr, expert on creating healthier workplaces, recently blogged 10 questions to help evaluate your workplace culture. 1. Are you proud enough of your workplace to recommend it as a place your own children and … Read More