Alison Griffiths

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Alison Griffiths is an award winning financial journalist, bestselling author and experienced broadcaster. She brings to her work a formidable array of skills including investigative research, financial expertise and accomplished writing.

Much More Than Mommy Bloggers

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Looking for a family or parenting speaker? Lawyer-turned-journalist, award-winning author, business entrepreneur, and nutritionist/lifestyle expert – each of these women are more than simply mom-bloggers, though they all have a dynamic online presence! Consider bringing one of them to your next family or community event. You’ll hear rave reviews for months! Heather Greenwood Davis is a lawyer turned multiple award-winning … Read More

Six Incredible Family, Parenting, and Youth Speakers

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Looking to bring in a speaker to your educational event? Whether it’s for a school, parenting community, or family-focused evening, we have the speakers for you! Read on to meet Cameron Hughes, Professional Sports Fan – or Jeff Adams, a Five-Time Paralympian and World Champion – their ability to engage and inspire children, youth, and adults alike is perfect for … Read More

Back-to-School Speakers

Stuck In The Middle Seat, Author, Douglas Lipp

It’s that time of year again… back to school! Our speakers can get the year started off just right. With keynote speeches and workshops by our many experts on parenting and family relationships, parents and teachers alike will learn how to best work with children. Alyson Schafer is a psychotherapist and one of Canada’s leading parenting experts. A mother of two teenage girls, … Read More

Parenting & Happy Families

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Frustrated and exhausted from trying to alleviate temper tantrums? Not sure how to stop siblings from fighting in the car? At a loss as to why your adolescent daughter refuses to eat dinner with the family? The list is endless. Fear not. is here to help! With our many experts on parenting and family relationships, the temper tantrums disappear; siblings … Read More

Thank you, Mom!

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In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, is sending a heartfelt “thank you” to all the remarkable moms: thank you for providing unconditional love and support; for always extending your arms when we need to be held; and for even chasing away the monsters in the closet. Sometimes we wonder: “How do they do it all?” This weekend is the … Read More

Gail Vaz-Oxlade: “Money Moron” & 5 Tips to Prevent Meltdowns

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Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s new television series Money Moron premieres this Friday evening at 9pm on Slice. In Money Moron, the financial guru helps over-spenders and their victims: from spouses, to parents and children Gail helps a “tattler” confront a “money moron” in order to resolve their failing relationship. She assigns the “money moron” various tasks, like keeping a spending journal and cash flow budget. If they succeed, they can … Read More

Kathy Buckworth: I Am So the Boss of You

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Kathy Buckworth’s latest book takes office boardroom techniques into the home. In, I Am So the Boss of You, she predicts a society where corporate policies and practices regulate the family. Her eight step guide aims to give your family a successful business-like structure. Kathy, a mother of four kids, award-winning writer, television personality and public speaker, helps moms everywhere … Read More

Alyson Schafer – Teaching Kids Social Skills Through Summer Camp

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Alyson Schafer, psychotherapist, author, and parenting expert, wrote for Mabel’s Labels on sending your kid to summer camp, and the things they can learn there (if you let them). “Camp itself allows kids to build their psychological muscle,” she says… and helps them face “social” challenges without looking to Mom or Dad to intervene. “For example, they’ll be served food they don’t like without … Read More