Eddie LeMoine

Eddie LeMoine, Business and Economy Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Profile Image

Eddie LeMoine a Canadian-born international author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer, he specializes in leadership, employee engagement, stress management, safety and the psychology of success. Through his inspiring stories, great sense of humor and genuine care for people, Eddie easily connects with-and motivates-audiences all over the world. Eddie’s unprecedented success is due to his powerful ability to close the gap between business results and personal development. He inspires greatness in corporations by inspiring greatness in individuals.

Duncan MacPherson

Duncan Macpherson, Business and Economy Speaker, Pareto Systems, Profile Image

Duncan is the CEO of Pareto Systems, an industry leading business development firm dedicated to the elite professionals and companies within the knowledge-for-profit sector. Duncan and his team of consultants work with professionals in a wide range of fields including Financial Services, Insurance, Accounting, Legal, Mortgage, and Consulting to create predictable, sustainable, and duplicable businesses. Pareto Systems is well known for its approach which is based on best practices and for its focus on implementation.

Dr. Mark DeVolder

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Mark DeVolder is an award-winning consultant, author and highly sought after international speaker. Dr. DeVolder has engaged and delighted audiences from Monaco to Dubai, from Singapore to Jamaica and from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur. DeVolder’s high-octane, content-rich and humor-filled presentations empower people to be bold, nimble and innovative in face of constant change.

Doug Lipp

Douglas Lipp, Business and Economy Speaker, Leadership and Customer Service Expert, Profile Image

What is the magic of Disney? Join Doug Lipp as he takes you on an entertaining and insightful journey, “behind the scenes,” to discover both the secret of Disney’s success and how it and other organizations have overcome spectacular challenges. As an internationally acclaimed expert on customer service, leadership, change and global competitiveness for over 30 years, Doug has inspired and challenged over 1000 audiences and 200,000 individual attendees. His combination of high-energy entertainment and thought-provoking lessons is contagious, motivating audiences around the world to maximize both personal and professional success.

Donald Cooper

Donald Cooper, Business and Economy Speaker, Innovator, Profile Image

Today’s business owners and managers want to work with coaches who have actually done it, and done it well. Donald Cooper has done it! Winner of seven awards of excellence for marketing, service and business innovation, he has been both a world-class manufacturer and retailer.

Dave Prentice

Dave Prentice, Sales and Marketing Speaker, Profile Image

Over the past fifteen years, David has worked on sales, marketing and specialized customer service and training projects with many of Canada’s most progressive organizations. He has personally designed, written and conducted sales development seminars and keynote addresses for AT & T, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, J. M. Schneider, Coca Cola, Bell Canada, Bell Mobility, Ford of Canada, Peat Marwick, Northern Telecom, Sun Life, M & M Meats, Great West Life, AGF, London Life, Canadian Airlines, Molsons, Toronto Dominion Bank, Canada Trust, CIBC, Canadian Tire and the Royal Bank.

Bob Gray

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You have just been introduced to a group of 5 people, all potential clients, and two minutes later…you can’t remember any of their names.

A client asks you for certain product information. Not quite sure of the answer, you offer, “Let me look that up, and I’ll get back to you.” Then you forget to follow up.

Bill Carr

Bill Carr, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, Profile Image

Bill Carr is an actor, award winning satirist, writer, speaker and coach. For over twenty-­‐five years, Bill has been making people laugh at what’s trivial while helping them think deeply about what counts. Bill helps people see their world in new and exciting ways. His unique blend of humour and insight inspires laughter and consideration. He works with audiences from 12 to 1200 and beyond and offers them a fresh perspective on what they face everyday.

Barbara Crowhurst

Barbara Crowhurst Customer Service Speaker, Profile Image

Barbara Crowhurst is a retail specialist, business coach, writer, international speaker and trainer. Her comprehensive and detailed approach to retail comes from years of working in the industry. Her career has taken her from working with some of the largest corporate retail stores in North America to consulting with thousands of owner-operators. Barbara’s comprehensive Retail Makeovers and Retail Store Design have become the retail industry’s sensation.

Donald Cooper – 20 Years On and Going Strong

Donald Cooper, Business and Economy Speaker, Innovator, Profile Image

For over 20 years, prospeakers.com has been booking Donald Cooper, MBA, for clients who want to create compelling customer value and experiences, manage smarter, attract a top-performing team…and grow their bottom line. There’s a reason he continues to be respected as bottom-line realist and passionate visionary by clients in over 40 industries around the world; Donald has been in the … Read More