Jim Ralph

Jim Ralph, Sports Speaker, Hockey, Profile Image

Jim Ralph is best known for his dry, self-deprecating sense of humour, and his comical impersonations of famous Canadian sportscasters, including Foster Hewitt, Danny Gallivan, Dick Irvin, Bob Cole, Brian Williams, and of course Don Cherry.

Jeffrey Simpson

Jeffrey Simpson, Current Events Speaker, Globe & Mail Columnist, Profile Image

Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe and Mail’s national affairs columnist, has won all three of Canada’s leading literary prizes — the Governor-General’s award for non-fiction book writing, the National Magazine Award for political writing, and the National Newspaper Award for column writing (twice). He has also won the Hyman Solomon Award for excellence in public policy journalism. In January, 2000, he became an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Jeff Macinnis

Jeff MacInnes, neuroscientist & visualization designer, profile image

Jeff MacInnis’ epic 100-day expedition through the ice-choked Northwest Passage survived one of the harshest environments on the face of this planet… the passage that has claimed more lives than Mount Everest. This journey was made in an 18-foot boat named PERCEPTION – using only the wind and a dream as the sources of power.

Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams, Sports Speaker, Olympian, Paralympian, Profile Image

This six-time Paralympian and six-time World Champion in wheelchair racing is living proof that focus, determination, and spirit are the keys to achieving “gold medal” dreams.

Glen Foster

Glen Foster, Entertainment and Comedy Speaker, Profile Image

Glen Foster is quickly becoming a household name among comedy fans. Or, perhaps more correctly, a household “non-name”, since adopting the moniker “That Canadian Guy.”

A veteran of the Canadian comedy scene, Glen has been a popular headliner for over twenty-five years. His Gemini nominated comedy special “That Canadian Guy” struck a chord for its hilarious, but dead-on portrayal of the conflicted Canadian psyche. After it aired, he received a flood of congratulatory e-mail, much of it along the lines of: “I couldn’t remember your name, but I remembered ‘That Canadian Guy’.”

Harry Neale

Harry Neale, Adventure and Sports Speaker, NHL, Profile Image

Famed for his role as a game analyst on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, Neale was also the hockey analyst for CBC’s coverage of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City and the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano and the 2006 Games in Torino.

Hamlin Grange

Hamlin Grange, Business Management and Organization Speaker, Diversity, Profile Image

Hamlin Grange is a prime example of the Canadian Immigrant Story. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, he immigrated to Canada at the age of 10 and was raised in Toronto by his mother. Like so many immigrants, she had gone ahead to Canada to pave the way for “a better life” for her family. Hamlin attended Central Technical High School in Toronto, was a member of Canada’s National Junior Track and Field Team, competed for Canada in Europe and the United States and was a Canadian junior record-holder for the 400M hurdles for several years. He competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics Trials. Awarded an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Colorado, Hamlin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with minor studies in African American Studies and Research Methodologies.

Gord Stellick

Gord Stellick, Adventure and Sports Speaker, Profile Image

Gord Stellick is a Canadian sports broadcaster and former NHL executive. Currently the radio host of Hockey Night in Canada, Stellick came to broadcasting after a ten-year career as a NHL executive.

Gino Reda

Gino Reda, Sports Speaker, TSN Hockey, Profile Image

Reda joined TSN in the summer of 1988 as a reporter, recapping the overnight coverage of the Olympic Summer Games in Seoul, Korea. A strong and talented broadcaster, Reda was soon found splitting his time between reporting and anchoring the 2 a.m. ET edition of SportsCentre.

Frances Cairncross

Frances Cairncross, Business and Economy Speaker, Journalist, Profile Image

Journalist Frances Cairncross is one of the UK’s most respected economic commentators. Formerly Management Editor of the Economist, she has held senior positions at The Times, The Banker, The Observer and The Guardian and presents BBC Radio 4’s Analysis programme. Her broad-based knowledge of economics encompasses environmental change, the internet and mass communications.

Eddie LeMoine

Eddie LeMoine, Business and Economy Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Profile Image

Eddie LeMoine a Canadian-born international author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer, he specializes in leadership, employee engagement, stress management, safety and the psychology of success. Through his inspiring stories, great sense of humor and genuine care for people, Eddie easily connects with-and motivates-audiences all over the world. Eddie’s unprecedented success is due to his powerful ability to close the gap between business results and personal development. He inspires greatness in corporations by inspiring greatness in individuals.

Duncan McCue

Duncan McCue, Current Events and Political Speaker, CBC News, Profile Image

Duncan McCue has been a reporter for CBC News in Vancouver for 12 years. His award-winning news and current affairs pieces are featured on CBC’s flagship news show, CBC News The National.

McCue’s recent honours include a network RTNDA Award for Best Long Feature, and his second regional RTNDA Diversity Award for his coverage of aboriginal issues.