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Roberta Bondar


Roberta Bondar Speaker Video

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Roberta Bondar

Astronaut, Photographer, Neurologist, Explorer

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Roberta Bondar's Speaker Programs:

  • Personal and Professional Goals - An Advanced Ethic:
    We all want to lead happy productive lives and it is fulfilling when both personal and professional lives can feed off each other. As far as I have seen on Earth and beyond, nothing is clearer than the fact that we have a precious relatively short Earth-life. It makes sense to develop ourselves for each hour that we are awake by learning from the potential life experiences all around us.
  • Management Lessons from Space:
    Successful businesses anticipate and respond rapidly to a world in constant flux where human relations are keys to effective change. As professional flexibility reflects personal adaptability, valued team members know when to lead, when to follow and when to stay the course. They embrace culture challenges as positive influences on both their continued professional and personal development.
  • Never a Distance too Great: Bridges for Life:
    It is not enough just to advocate a vision: you must realize it. The gap between a dream and reality is bridged with interest and insight, skill and determination, focus and discipline. Because of their timeless value, these bridges also give us the flexibility that we will need in the future to cope with inevitable change. Dynamic bridges of the human mind can be virtual or real, but they must be agile. They form the link between other worlds, ideas and relationships.
  • Vision and Leadership:
    In a world of extremes, a leader's vision must be bold yet within reach of fellow team members. Sharing a vision is more than setting out objectives and goals for other to follow. If there is no overlap of interest or passion by everyone, a vision will be blind to fulfilling its potential. By definition, a leader knows about leadership but a successful leader understands followership. Experience offers each of us an opportunity to learn from another person's life lesions which combine the richness of education, with the insight of critical thinking. By linking this resource to respect for a shared vision, a strong team will be focused on success.

Roberta Bondar's Testimonials:

"An enthusiastic delivery and fascinating speech content- Every person in the room was affixed to her and listening intently, as she spoke about her education, her dreams, her choices and life after her space flight" General Motors Corporation

"Your exciting commentary on your experiences in space added a very special touch to a wonderful evening". National Foundation for Brain Research

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Roberta Bondar speaker video