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Nicholas Boothman


Nicholas Boothman Speaker Video

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Nicholas Boothman

Communication Expert and Author: How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less

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Nicholas Boothman's Speaker Programs:

  • How To Make People Like You (in 90 seconds or less)
  • How To Connect in Business (in 90 seconds or less)
  • How To Ignite Your Power Network (in 90 handshakes or less)
  • How To Connect With Yourself (in  90 minutes or less) The Architecture of Enthusiasm

Nicholas Boothman's Testimonials:

"This man is magic".  Air Canada.

"Nick is truly a breath of fresh air.  His engaging style and highly relevant content trigger personal insights that provide significant payoff...and leave you eager to continue learning".  Ernst & Young.

"Nick is the leader of a new breed of "activational’ speakers.  He doesn’t pump people up, he switches them on.  The effects are dazzling - and unforgettable".  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Nicholas Boothman speaker video