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Liz Pearson


Liz Pearson Speaker Video

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Liz Pearson

Registered Dietician and Bestselling Author

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Liz Pearson's Speaker Programs:

  • Avoiding Dietary Villains & Choosing Nutritional All-Stars - We live in a fast-paced, hectic world. For many people eating on the run, skipping meals and frozen dinners are a way of life. The result is often a nutritional catastrophe - a diet filled with harmful ingredients that are damaging to health. A busy lifestyle, however, is no excuse for a lousy diet. This seminar is about avoiding dietary villains and choosing nutritional all-stars. You'll find out what foods to eat more of and what foods to eat less of. You'll get the latest research on disease-fighting superstars and other information that is sensible and definitely doable. Label-reading guidance, fast food survival tips, best dining out options, snacking recommendations and more. It makes meal-planning easy and serves up great advice for the supermarket.
  • Feeding Kids Healthy Foods in an Unhealthy World
    Many researchers believe we are witnessing the first generation of children ever that will have a lower life expectancy than that of their parents. If ever there was a seminar that all parents should attend - this is the one. Children and teens today are growing up in an environment filled with fast food, soft drinks and gigantic portion sizes; good eating habits established in the early years form the basis of good eating habits later in life. Early signs of heart disease are now being seen in children as young as seven years of age. Type 2 diabetes - a disease caused by poor eating habits and lack of physical activity - is striking growing numbers of youth around the globe. Parents really can make a difference and have a responsibility to do so.

Liz Pearson's Testimonials:

"I've been attending conferences for 17 years and Liz's seminar is the best I have ever been to. Liz is polished, passionate, dynamic, practical, entertaining, very compelling, very relevant and an outstanding, all-star speaker. She was worth the cost of the conference alone! Please ask her to come again!" Family Physicians, Primary Care Today Conference

"Everyone should see Liz's presentation. The information is amazing and the presentation is astonishing. It's motivational, easy to follow and funny. I loved the ease and friendliness of the presentation, as well as Liz's energy and passion. She truly inspired me! She had the attention of the audience at every simple moment. I would recommend Liz to anyone or any organization. I will be making life style changes." VON Peel

"Amazing!! Life-changing! Liz Pearson is awesome!!! Powerful, articulate and dynamic speaker. Influential, passionate and inspiring. Clear, concise and to the point. She has your attention - there is never a dull moment. Love her infusion of humour!! Bring her back anytime! Wow!" Odette Cancer Centre

"If you have a chance to see Liz - DO IT!! She doesn't just repeat stats and facts - she really knows her stuff. If she came back tomorrow I would attend her seminar again in a heartbeat." Simcoe Board of Education

"Liz you are amazing!! You explain things in a way that helps one to clearly understand about food and how it affects the body and overall health. You are a wonderful, genuine and interesting speaker!" Loblaws

"Liz is the most dynamic speaker I have ever heard. The time flew - I could have listened forever. What I liked best about her presentation was her energy and conviction. She inspires confidence because she has such a command of her topic. She is a true professional." Diva Foundation Speaker Series

"FANTASTIC! Great energy! Great info! Motivating, captivating and inspiring. Compact synopsis of all the major food issues that come up. Lovely sense of humour and anecdotes to keep the information relevant, interesting and entertaining." Hamilton Nutrition Committee

"Liz is passionate, enthusiastic, engaging and extremely articulate. She told us what we needed to know and supported it with studies and solid research. I loved her candor, honesty and personal examples. She kept my attention the whole time and answered all my questions before I asked them. The session was informative, upbeat, fun and fast-paced without ever being preachy." Environics

"Liz Pearson's talk was amazing! She's a dynamic speaker with lots of energy! The research was thorough and up-to-date. Great practical tips and recommendations. One of the best, if not the best speakers I have ever seen." Dieticians of Canada Annual Conference

"What did I like best about Liz's presentation? Everything! What could have made the presentation better? Nothing - it was fabulous. Liz is a dynamic speaker and so knowledgeable. She's well spoken and precise. Don't miss her!! Very beneficial!!!" Ontario Real Estate Association

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