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Kit Grant


Kit Grant Speaker Video

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Kit Grant

Speaker on Personal Responsibility, Accountability

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Kit Grant's Speaker Programs:

  • The Successful Leader... The Manager As A Coach
    Kit demonstrates the roles of coach, mentor and counselor to enable today's leader to get the best from each individual. Rewarding performance fairly allows people to understand and appreciate the principles of continuous improvement. As leaders improve communication skills, they build a motivating workplace where mission and goals are clearly defined, which positively impact results. 
  • It's Not My Fault!... Why Are They Being So Difficult?
    Working (or living) with other people is sometimes difficult. Some people are easier to deal with than others. Kit identifies how different perspectives on life and relationships are both important and challenging. Getting results requires increased understanding of the strengths, limitations, motivators and de-motivators of each person. Kit's humorous examples from both personal and professional situations will have them "rolling in the aisles." The strength of your organization may depend on recognizing and valuing each person's uniqueness and contribution to team results.  
  • Still Flailing After All These Years?... Success Through Responsibility Kit reveals a step-by-step action guide your audience members will use to create a motivating and productive environment. Your people will recognize their personal responsibility in moving from where they are to where you want them to be. They learn to take action now, change any negative self-talk, and set targets that push them beyond perceived limitations to get things done.  
  • The Customer is Not Always Right!... You Get The Results You Deserve Service must be part of who you are ... not something you must do! Changing your service culture to one of commitment provides an advantage taking you far beyond your competition's best efforts. Kit outlines how to build your Dynamic Service System and reveals how input produces feedback which creates reality. His real life examples will have your audience laughing and learning. Armed with a plan of action, employees produce immediate improvements in customer satisfaction paying huge dividends.  

Kit Grant's Testimonials:

"You certainly were the buzz at the conference. I guess that explains your evaluation score of 11 out of 10!" Shoppers Drug Mart

"After 11 years of organizing these annual conferences, I can confidently say that you are the first speaker we have hired who was able to make the people laugh so hard, they cried! You were the most entertaining and interesting speaker we have ever had at our conference." Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association

"Your energy level was a major contributor in keeping the more serious areas upbeat and positive."  Independent Ins. Brokers of Alberta

"The presentation was dynamic, fast-paced and you made the audience laugh, think and reflect."  Katz Group Canada 

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Kit Grant speaker video