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Kerry Munro


Kerry Munro Speaker Video

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Kerry Munro

Internet Leader and Digital Marketing Expert

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Kerry Munro's Speaker Programs:

  • Marketing In and Out of a Downturn - Organizations that more effectively position themselves in and out of a recession have a significantly greater opportunity to profit at the hands of their competitors. Learn the rationales and approaches that will give you the edge in this new economic reality and allow you to build revenues and profits faster.
  • Web 2.0 Survival Guide - The Digital Economy, New Media, Social Media, Web 2.0, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube are all conversations taking place in organizations, including at the board and executive suite. Yet most companies struggle with joining the conversation - how to create a digital strategy that aligns to their corporate strategy or how to organize and rally their employees around this new world. Learn what the buzz is all about, why it's important, and how to become part of the conversation in order to get the most from these new mediums.
  • Building Your Digital Business for Share and Profits (aka Crushing Your Competition and Making your CFO Smile) - Most businesses struggle with how to enter the digital marketplace, particularly in times of uncertainty. Do you create a YouTube video? Facebook page? Do you Twitter? In doing so they forget some of the basic building blocks required to sustain long-term customer loyalty, brand equity and profits. Delve into the missteps organizations commonly make when trying to build their digital presence and provide the insights and tools to ensure you avoid these pitfalls and leapfrog your competitors.
  • Building Brand Loyalty and Creating a (not so) Silent Army - Creating and building brand loyalty has never been more challenging for marketers. And yet those that embrace the new paradigms can leapfrog their competitors and create a stronger brand allegiance and loyalty than they ever thought possible. Learn how to build an environment to engage your best advocates and what top brands have done to create their not so silent army.
  • Marketing the Long Tail : Using Hard Trends to Navigate the Digital Divide - Most marketing dollars are wasted unknowingly by broadly spending to attract the biggest potential audience, not the most attractive or profitable. They spend too much on customers who aren't ready to spend on their product and focus the least on those who can become their most loyal advocates. Learn how to leverage the power of the internet to better target your best customers, to attract new ones more cost effectively and to increase your ROI in an increasingly competitive world.
  • Connecting with the Untethered - There are more mobile phones in the world than PCs and the introduction of products such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Netbook and Kindle set the stage for a mobile evolution. As consumers, we are always connected and as marketers, we are all hoping to capitalize on the mobile economy. Learn more about these fascinating trends and what they mean to your business now and for the future.

Kerry Munro's Testimonials:

"Engaging, provocative and compelling..Kerry has a deep understanding of the role digital media can play in business strategy...an engaging speaker who knows how to connect with a large group" President, Pitney Bowes

"Kerry was a keynote speaker at our TVO all Staff meeting in the Spring of 2008. Kerry ably engaged the whole audience thanks to his congenial style. He also imparted vast knowledge of how media companies can increase their impact by leveraging digital tools. He communicates at a strategic level and also shares examples that de-mystify and make the digital world exciting and accessible to non-experts. He made very helpful allusions to industry best practices and left the audience with a clear sense of the digital promise." CEO, TV Ontario

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Kerry Munro speaker video