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Judy Croon


Judy Croon Speaker Video

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Judy Croon

Laugh Coach

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Judy Croon's Speaker Programs:

  • Relieving Stress with Humour: 7 Ingredients to Living Well That Don't Include Tofu
    Through sharing her comedy and radio experience, Judy shows how humour and passion, combined with seven ingredients, are so powerful- they almost turn you into a Marvel Superhero! Judy talks about:
    • a range of the incredible medical benefits of humour;
    • how happiness is a mindset;
    • how to increase your chances of surviving a heart attack by five times;
    • how to increase your lifespan and quality of life by laughing;
    • increasing your brain's reasoning and decision making;
    • the surprising key to motivation; and
    • the most important gift you can give your child
  • Taming Hecklers: Dealing with Difficult People
    In showbiz, a heckler is a person in the audience who disrupts the show; in business, a heckler is the person who disrupts the flow... The strategies that Judy has developed as a performer in dealing with hecklers also work in an office environment, and Judy will show you how to maintain your control, poise & rhythm as you interact with difficult personalities.

Judy Croon's Testimonials:

"Thank you for your gracious and truly professional presentation.  It was a delight working with you and we look forward to the next opportunity." Purdue University

"You don’t usually hear accountants laugh that much. A very good topic on why humour is so important to our mental and physical well being." Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

"The audience was glued to their seats throughout the whole presentation enjoying every bit of the inspirational and stress reliever tips." Toronto East District, Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

"Judy, you were a hit with our staff members. They were so thankful that you gave them a strong message mixed with good humour." Ontario Ministry of Labour - Occupational Health and Safety Branch

"All the stewards who attended the training felt that your seminar was the best out of all three days!" Ontario Federation of Healthcare Workers

"Judy was an excellent speaker and motivational humourist! Our participants enjoyed her positivity, her stories, and her message of relieving stress with humour. Great fun!" Ceridian HR and Payroll Partner

"Your comedy was a breath of fresh air and Your 'Dealing with Office Hecklers' workshop armed us with some terrific tips for the front lines." Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

"Judy delivered a stellar keynote address to our HR leadership group that struck the perfect balance of Laugh-out-loud hilarity with heartfelt takeaways to live a more balanced life." CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

"I loved how Judy kept everyone engaged. She would have an important message and then follow up with a joke. Great strategy." Enbridge Gas Distribution

"Judy, our group tremendously enjoyed your keynote 'Relieving Stress with Humour'.  Your humour and anecdotes left us laughing right from the start.  Your seven points to relieve stress was a clever mix of thoughtful insights backed by research. Combined with your stories, the audience felt like they could truly relate. Your interactive exercises gave us an opportunity to participate and get to know you and each other. 'Relieving Stress with Humour' is truly a gem of a keynote that lives up to its title.  Highly recommended to provide fun, entertainment, and inspiration." Early Childhood Resource Teacher Network of Ontario

"Judy, thank you so much for attending our day- outstanding performance, job WELL done. I have received nothing but positive feedback from my colleagues. Thank you again for making our day a success. I will highly recommend you as a keynote. You are a very intelligent and very funny lady." Durham Catholic District School Board

"Judy Croon's quick wit, humour and motivational delivery of her presentation, "7 Ingredients to Living Well That Don't Include Tofu" was inspirational, thought provoking... a stress reliever for sure!" Durham Catholic District School Board

"Thank you, Judy for a great close to the event. I knew 'Relieving Stress with Humour' was the right fit and you delivered!" DBCO 2012 Symposium- Toronto

"Judy, I have to tell you that I have received so many compliments on your poise, delivery and skills as a moderator.  Everyone in the audience was talking about you and emailing saying they want you back. Hopefully we can work together again." Associate Producer, Let's Talk Entertainment Joan Rivers - Roy Thomson Hall

"Judy, I just wanted to send over a big THANK YOU for hosting and organizing "STAND UP FOR THE GIRLS." For those who know me, it takes a great deal to really make me lol, and last night I could not stop. My colleagues and friends who attended also thoroughly enjoyed themselves!" Director, Run for the Cure, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

"Your professionalism and master of ceremony skills ensured that guests remained informed, and always entertained. We received many compliments on the evening, one being that it was "one of the most fun black-tie events ever attended" and your comedic talent definitely contributed to this success. With your help, we were able to raise more than $90,000." Humewood House 'Let's Play Charity Gala' Liberty Grand, Toronto

"We wish to thank you for your commitment to Laughlines. Your hard work and dedication provides hope to the thousands of women and their families who are faced with breast cancer." Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

"Judy hosted our awards ceremony at the Granite Club with humour and worked our group of 200 people with charm. Our teams connected with the presentation more this year because she spoke with the crowd, involved them and made the evening enjoyable for everyone." Altima Dental Canada

"I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. People were stopping me in the halls at work for the next week to tell me how much they enjoyed the show." Motorola Canada

"Your humour was much appreciated by our construction crowd- even those you singled out were flattered. It's wonderful to know that clean humour can be hilarious-you made it so." Kingston Construction Association

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Judy Croon speaker video