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Jim Carroll


Jim Carroll Speaker Video

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Jim Carroll

Futurist, Trends, Creativity and Innovation Expert

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Jim Carroll's Speaker Programs:

  • Moving Beyond the Meltdown: Aligning Yourself for Growth Through Innovation
    In the face of widespread economic volatility, organizations have three essential choices: they can panic, making rash decisions on structure, markets, investments; they can freeze and do nothing; or they can respond to rapid change through innovation, particularly with respect to strategies, structure, capabilities, markets, products, and activities.
  • Healthcare 2020: The Transformative Trends That Will REALLY Define Our Future
    Where will we by the year 2020? We will have successfully transitioned the system from one which "fixes people after they're sick" to one of preventative, diagnostic genomic-based medicine. Treating patients for the conditions we know they are likely to develop, and re-architechting the system around that reality.
  • Location is the New Intelligence: Customer Interaction in the Era of Pervasive Mobile
    We're at the leading edge of the merger of three perfect trends: the rapid and massive emergence of a massive mobile infrastructure with increasingly intelligent devices, pervasive location awareness as a result of GPS and location intelligence/mapping trends, and a consumer mindset that is increasingly open to new forms of interaction.
    The result is massive business model disruption, absolutely transformative market change, and complete obliteration of old assumptions as the nature of the customer relationship. Smart, innovative super-heroes know this is an unprecedented time to jump on the emergence of location as the new intelligence, in order to provide for new ways of product uplift in the retail space.
  • What's Happening with Our Workforce: Making Generations Work!
    With the coming "end of retirement," most companies will realize they'll need a lot of telephones with big buttons for members of the 70+ folk who are still a part of their workforce -- and a lot of innovative workplace practices as well. That's but one challenge --the arrival of "Gen-Connect" (also known as "Gen-Y") -- the kids who have been wired with a mouse since birth -- will lead to the question of whether "good luck" will be the only possible response to the question of "Managing Gen-Y." Are we really in an economy in which there is an emerging profession of folks known as "manure managers?" You bet -- and it's all part of the unique issues that companies must begin thinking about today.
  • Where's the Growth? Transformative Opportunities for Transformative Times
    These are truly transformative times, with an alignment of political leaders, business executives, consumers, researchers and industry groups all realizing that now is the time that we need to solve complex problems with bold thinking and "big ideas." Some of the biggest organizations in the world - including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Toshiba, the Swiss Innovation Forum, the BBC, Motorola and Nestle - have sought just such insight from Jim Carroll.

Jim Carroll's Testimonials:

"An outstanding presentation for an industry and association that falls on its traditions so often. We learned that our tradition should not be something that holds us back, but rather the launching pad for innovation for the future. Thanks Jim for your thought provoking presentation!" 94th PGA of America Annual General Meeting

"Jim Carroll recently presented at Lockheed Martin's Executive HR Leadership conference. His content was very provocative, fascinating, and relevant. I've embedded a couple of his nuggets into my operating model." Lockheed Martin

"Many thanks for your presentation, "7 Things You Need to Do Right Now: Aligning the Fast Future to Your Current Strategy" It couldn't have been more energy filled and dynamic to start the conference out on the right foot. It was exactly what the audience wanted and needed to hear. The feedback from all attendees was excellent." VIBE Conference 2010, Las Vegas

"Bringing Jim into our MLC Sales Conference in Sydney through a fibre optic line was truly incredible. The key note session Jim delivered was on the money, he exceeded my expectations." MLC National Australia Bank

"Jim is one of the best speakers we had. He had excellent information that our attendees could take home and incorporate it into their plans immediately. He also incorporated our messages into his presentation that helped localize the information for our group. Highly recommended!" Illinois Bureau of Tourism.

"After seeing Jim speak at another conference, I was so motivated by his presentation, I invited Jim to speak at a conference for my organization. Another home run! Powerful, articulate, thought provoking and energetic! Jim's delivery on the importance of staying abreast of rapidly changing trends truly can assist in changing the way we do business!" US Navy, Air Force, Marine Child Youth Program Conference

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