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Jeffrey Simpson


Jeffrey Simpson Speaker Video

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Jeffrey Simpson

Author, Journalist, TV personality, Member of the Order of Canada.

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Jeffrey Simpson's Speaker Programs:

  • HOT AIR: Fixing Canada’s Climate Change Catastrophe
    Many presentations on energy and climate change are: (a) terrifying or (b) academic or (c) quirky, advocating a single, neat solution likes solar or wind power, or a population on bicycles. This presentation is different. It starts with an alarming brief description of the climate threat to Canada. Then it shifts to an equally alarming description of how Canadians have been betrayed by their politicians ("We're working on it!"), their industrialists ("Things aren't that bad, really, and voluntary guidelines will be good enough."), and even their environmentalists ("Energy efficiency can be profitable, and people can change their lifestyles, no problem!"). All of this, of course, reinforces the myths that forceful policies are not needed. Having summarized the situation, and the trends we are facing, Hot Air then lays out in convincing and easily understandable terms the few simple policies that Canada must adopt right away in order to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next few decades. It shows how these policies can be designed to have minimal negative effects. It even provides results from a highly credible energy-economy model that has been used internationally by many authorities, including the most advanced think tanks, to assess the full economic impacts of different policies. With evidence from other countries that are successfully addressing climate change, Hot Air shows why these are the only policies that will work -- and why this is a matter of life and death for us all. 
  • Chronic Care: Canadian Health Care - the current reality, the challenges and suggested solutions. Using accessible language, this presentation explains the history of Medicare, indicates how it compares internationally, illustrates what it's doing to public finances, debunks the half-baked ideas for reforming it, and suggests some big, but doable changes that might achieve the two most important objectives: improve quality and reduce the increase in health care expenses.
  • How do We Make the Canadian Economy More Competitive?
  • International Issues
  • What's Doing in Politics?
  • Where Should Tax Policy Go?
  • Why Does Canada's Economy Lag that of the United States?

Jeffrey Simpson's Testimonials:

"I would be remiss if I did not pass on to you the overwhelmingly positive reaction to your presentation. By the end of the poultry-oriented business sessions the members were saturated with industry-specific panels and speakers. It is therefore refreshing for them to hear from someone such as yourself, with insightful views into the Canadian political situation. Both your materials and your delivery were excellent and you can be proud of a job well done." Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council

"It was a great talk!  He was witty, funny and really engaging.  The feedback from the group has been very positive."

"Your presentation was very well received and [was] valuable to the participants, who wrote that you were "Very engaging."

"First Class.  Major message for the system that could lead to necessary changes." 

"Very provocative."

"Worth the price of admission to the Summit!" Summit on Sustainable Health Care

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Jeffrey Simpson speaker video