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Sport and Performance Science Analyst, Human Physiologist

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In 2010, Dr. Greg Wells was the host of the Gemini-Award winning "Superbodies" segments for Canada's national Olympic broadcast and the on-camera sport science and sport medicine analyst for the CTV Broadcast Consortium, ABC News and ABC's 20/20 during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Dr. Wells' on-camera analysis will be a part of CTV's 2012 Olympic broadcast in London; he is also a regular contributor to CTV's Canada AM and has appeared on TSN's Off the Record.

Dr. Wells is currently an assistant professor at the University of Toronto where he directs the Human Physiology Research Unit. He is also an associate scientist in Physiology and Experimental Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children. As a researcher, Dr. Wells works in a field of investigation called 'exercise medicine' where he uses specific exercise protocols to test the limitations of the human body in various diseases - mostly related to muscle and lung conditions. Since 2002, he has served as the Exercise Physiologist for the Royal Canadian Golf Association and is a regular contributor to Golf Canada and Fairways Golf magazines.

Previously, Dr. Wells served as the Director of Sport Science at the Canadian Sport Centre where he had the opportunity to work with dozens of champion athletes from Commonwealth Games, World Championships and the Olympic Games. Dr. Wells also taught Canada's elite sport coaches at the National Coaching Institute.

Dr. Wells speaks at leading sports and medical organizations around the world, including the International Olympic Committee, International Congress on Child Neurology, Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Wells believes that to truly understand extreme conditions you should experience them yourself. To this end he continues to build on his experiences as a former international level competitive swimmer, as a marathon runner (having twice completed the world's toughest marathon 600 miles north of the arctic circle), and recently completed 11,000 km in the Tour d'Afrique Bike Race, the longest bike race in the world.

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