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Greg Wells


Greg Wells Speaker Video

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Greg Wells

Sport and Performance Science Analyst, Human Physiologist

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Greg Wells's Speaker Programs:

  • Leadership & High Performers
    High performers in business know how to turn it on and keep their focus no matter the situation. Dr. Wells explains top tips to make your goals happen when you need it most.
  • Living a World-Class Life
    In this high-content and inspiring keynote presentation, participants will learn the strategies that elite performers use to lead a world class life. Drawing on his experiences at the Olympic Games and from his own adventures cycling 8000km across Africa, running marathons 600km north of the Arctic circle, and recovering from a broken neck and neurosurgery, Dr. Wells highlights the best-practices that everyone can use to achieve their dreams.
  • The Science of Extreme Human Physiology
    In this workshop Dr. Wells examines the keys to optimal preparation, performance and recovery. Examples from high performers in a variety of disciplines are presented to highlight techniques that can be used by anyone to improve their performance in key situations.

Speaker Topics:

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Greg Wells speaker video