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Elliotte Friedman is no ordinary sports announcer. Currently a reporter for CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, Friedman has also covered 4 Olympic Games, the World Series, and every Stanley Cup since 1998. He is known for his dedication to his work, his keen insights into the world of sports and his dry wit. His CBC blog series, "30 Thoughts," has become a must-read for hockey fans and insiders.

Friedman has a unique perspective on success, derived from countless hours interviewing and interacting with players and coaches behind the scenes and off the ice.

"It's helped me in my career," he says, "I've learned what's worth worrying about and what's not, what makes people successful and what sidelines them."

And this is what he brings to your event. Through personal anecdotes and principles learned from the world of professional sports, Friedman challenges and instructs his audience with life-changing ideas that are relevant for all.

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18.5 per cent chance for 31st, 13.5 for 30th, 11.5 for 29th -- down to 1 per cent for 17th. https://t.co/NHkpTYqA9S