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Angela Mondou


Angela Mondou Speaker Video

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Angela Mondou

Marketing Executive, Former Air Force Captain

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Angela Mondou's Speaker Programs:

  • Take Control! A powerful workshop series targeted at 'business professionals' who want to take control of their career and maximize personal development. These three hour high energy and interactive sessions will help you develop the mindset and create an action plan to turn your goals into reality. The mission of the Take Control! Series is simple: seize opportunity and own your career.
  • Re-invent - Push Your Envelope: How can you experience that personal paradigm shift to get you or your company to an entirely new level? This thought-provoking session is designed to give you that boost.
  • Innovate - Spark Creativity: Sometimes success lies in doing or seeing things differently. Are you in tune and open-minded to opportunities that come your way? Learn techniques to stay in tune seize opportunity and take action.
  • Change - Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable: This decade is about change - and lots of it! How you perceive and manage change will impact how you move forward. Learn some simple success strategies to maintain forward momentum, increase support and gain 'buy-in' while you head in a whole new direction!
  • Accountability - Have An Impact: One word differentiates those who 'do' and those who 'achieve' phenomenal success. Accountability. Are you willing to step up to the plate, share success and own failure? Discover your own approach to start having that impact.

Angela Mondou's Testimonials:

"This was the most HIGH-ENERGY, mind-bending team-building session I have ever experienced! The energy level of our entire team changed in literally minutes - employees were in the hallways re-living the 'be bold - break thru!' experience! Eight hours later we still had grins on our faces - and I know this experience has taken our team commitment to a new level. If you are looking at challenging your team to new levels of personal and professional success, to look at challenge differently and to 'break thru' to a whole new level, you have got to get these guys in!" Cintas

"Angela provides a fun and innovative method of engaging participants in learning about traditional managerial subjects. Her course is not about lecturing or taking notes - it's about active participation in scenarios devised outside of typical manufacturing examples, which makes the training content more interesting, but which have direct application to our daily work environment." Plant Manager, Campbell Soup Company of Canada

"Angela Mondou's 'Mission Critical' workshop is equivalent to spending a day on 'The Apprentice'. The hands-on learning quickly highlights the key skills needed to be a successful leader in today's fast paced environment." Marketing Manager for Canadian Tire Financial Services

"I came in the door with blurry ideas about my business that had been sitting in my head getting stale. By the end of the two-hour workshop, I had my 30-60-90 day objectives in the form of a fun and manageable 'to-do' list, co-written and validated by one of the top minds in the biz - the executive marketing director of a software firm who just happened to be sitting next to me. I still have her card and she remains my biggest peer support to this day. Not only that, but my new practice is thriving - I'm already booking patients into next year!" Registered Massage Therapist, private practice

"Angela is an extremely passionate woman on leadership. She walks the talk and is very knowledgeable. I was most inspired listening to her workshop and can hardly wait to read her book. Her personal stories of leadership make her come across as the expert she is. I admire her energy and skills." Senior Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

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Angela Mondou speaker video