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Warren Evans


Warren Evans Speaker Video

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Warren Evans

Future Trends and Management Strategies

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Warren Evans's Speaker Programs:

  • A Look at Where in the World the World is Going
    This future trends presentation combines demographics, psychographics, corporate restructuring, technology, and globalization trends to dispel common myths about the future.  This presentation appeals to a wide variety of audiences, and has recently received high ratings at investment, travel industry, payroll, safety engineering and hospital association events.
  • Personality is the Brand
    How demographics and broadband are changing the realities of branding, and what leaders need to be doing to get ahead of the curve.
  • Hollywood Days and Cyber Knights
    How psychographics and technology are changing the future of work, and re-shaping the recruiting wars.
  • The Next Service Revolution: It Started Last Thursday
    How customer intelligence is setting new standards, and what you need to do to seize advantage and drive market share.
  • Three Generations; One Urgent Issue
    How the corporate restructurings of the last decade have now created a different, and critical, priority for knowledge management.
  • Success Tomorrow
    Why "character counts,’ "simplicity gets hot,’ and "risk reduction rules.’

Warren Evans's Testimonials:

". . .  everything we'd hoped  . . . entertaining, substantial, global, and appropriately challenging . . . brought new perspectives, and engaged [us ] in a powerful way . . . obviously understood what we do . . .  a highlight of the event . . . created quite a buzz . . .  referenced often in [breakouts] . . .  very worthwhile contribution to our success . . . use you again soon." Global Leadership Conference

". . . obviously did your homework.  Your  remarks on leadership and managing change  spoke directly to the specific issues facing us"  Deputy Auditor General of Canada

"Terrific presentation . . . "savvy’, successful audience . . . new perspectives and different rationales . . .  will [make us] even better. Everyone enjoyed . . . you’ll be back - soon" Chair,  Windsor Essex Economic Development Commission,  2000 AGM

"One of our top-rated speakers ever...out of over 400!" American Institute of CPA's - National Conference.

"You were a hit...lots of positive feedback and not a single negative...entertainment value as well!"  IT Dept., Royal Bank Group.

"Your presentation spoke directly to the issues in a practical yet entertaining way. We were very pleased with the large number of specific, concrete ideas that were generated...both your research and your expertise were evident. You got your message, and ours, across very effectively." Toyota Canada Inc.

"Warren makes audiences think of the technological and economic forces that are shaping our world.  His insights and challenges provided a great launching pad for constructive discovery". Great Plains Software

"great opening to our event. Our attendees appreciated your global perspective, and [the inclusion of "foreign’] stats and references, and so did we . . . unique combination of facts, fun, and common sense analysis of what’s actually driving the common trends . . . really resonated with our group."  CEO, Solcorp  Global Users Conference

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Warren Evans speaker video