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Ross McBride

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Ross McBride

Leading Authority on Negotiation, Sales, Marketing and Team Leadership

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Ross McBride's Speaker Programs:

  • Master of Negotiation
  • Master of Influence - Marketing and Sales
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Teambuilding and Coaching
  • Professional Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Personal Productivity and Time Management
  • Professional Supervisor
  • How to Deal with Difficult People
  • Motivate Your Workforce
  • Highly Effective Communication Skills

Ross McBride's Testimonials:

"Mr. McBride was knowledgeable. The seminar was well paced and full of information with all kinds of good examples."            Saturn Solutions

"Outstanding! A rare sharing of profound knowledge!  I am writing to say how much I enjoyed attending the " Master of Negotiation " seminar recently. I felt the course content was very practical and effective and that it was time well spent. Anyone who doesn't take time to learn to be a better negotiator, and just as importantly, become aware of techniques that people use on us, does not understand the value and power of negotiations."  President and CEO, Magna International Inc.

"I would recommend this seminar to my co-workers but not my competitors!"  Microsoft Inc.

"This seminar will do nothing but help you to profit both professionally and personally".             General Motors

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