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The Butterfly Mind

The Butterfly Mind

Patrick Brown

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Patrick Brown

Global TV's Asia Correspondent, Documentary Producer, Author

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Patrick Brown's Speaker Programs:

  • China: Surviving the Dark Side of the Boom: The fastest-growing economy in the world is also one of the murkiest. How Canadian companies can prosper and stay clean in a sea of corruption, nepotism, opaque bureaucracy, and political risk.
  • Red China Green China: China's breakneck economic development is creating environmental hazards, but also opportunities for Canadian green technology firms.
  • Cat and Mouse Click: The government wages a relentless campaign to rein in China's boisterous internet, while netizens fight back with technical dexterity and biting wit. Is there a place for Canadian IT firms in the virtual world inside of the Great Firewall of China?
  • Say You Want A Revolution: Judging the risks and consequences of instability is crucial for the success or failure of companies doing business overseas. Uprisings often appear to be contagious. In 1989, regimes in Eastern Europe fell one after the other. In the early 2000's half a dozen countries had "colour revolutions", and in 2011, uprisings spread through the Middle East. Each time, the authorities in Beijing have reacted with a crackdown against anyone who might have similar ideas in China. Is China really a candidate for a second revolution?
  • China: The 64-Trillium Dollar Question: Is the Chinese economy becoming a bubble, and when will it pop?
  • Did You Hear The One About Chairman Mao? What makes the Chinese laugh.

Speaker Topics:

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