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Mike Carbone


Mike Carbone Speaker Video

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Mike Carbone

Corporate Comedic Talent

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Mike Carbone's Speaker Programs:

  • CNN: Conference News Network
    This is CNN: Conference News Network. Broadcasting live from your conference meeting room CNN brings together news and views from around the world. And around your organization. Follow investigative reporter Roc Steele as he gets to the bottom of the big story. Listen to one-on-one Larry King style interviews with your executives. Video update reports, special guests, panel discussions... all anchored by Mike Carbone. And all custom designed to deliver your message... feature your speakers... engage your audience. CNN puts your company in the headlines. You may never look at a news program the same way again. 
  • Live & Interactive
    Unleash the power and energy of rock and roll at your next meeting. "Live & Interactive" with Mike Carbone transforms your meeting room into an MTV-style sound stage. And the attendees are the special, all-access guests. Vee-jay Mike Carbone plays host to entertaining videos, executive interviews, special guests and carefully crafted comedy segments. All with the rawness and readiness of a rock and roll special event. Custom designed to deliver your message and energize your audience. 
  • The Pretty Late Show
    "The Pretty Late Show" with Mike Carbone is the highly acclaimed corporate talk show that informs while it entertains. It takes corporate comedy entertainment and communication to a whole new level. Instead of speeches from a podium, speakers become "guests" on the Pretty Late Show. Host Mike Carbone brings out the best in each guest as their information is delivered in an interview style. The audience feels as though they are at the taping of an actual TV Talk Show and their associates are the stars!

Mike Carbone's Testimonials:

"When it comes to comedy for the corporate world you are in a class by yourself, from your strategic focus to your superb presentation skills."   Royal Trust

"Thank you for the outstanding performance. Everyone had a great time and truly enjoyed themselves far more than they ever have at previous meetings". You really have a winning concept". Eli Lilly

"Mike rated 5 out of 5 as a speaker and 5 out of 5 on format". Society of Association Executives

"Mike Carbone made the show. He helped each of our presenters feel comfortable with the program format". General Motors

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Mike Carbone speaker video