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Marc Saltzman

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Marc Saltzman

Consumer Technology Expert and Electronics Specialist

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Marc Saltzman's Speaker Programs:

  • Hot Tech Trends & The Future of Technology
    Marc discusses the latest gadgets, social media, video games, the Internet, etc. Gadgets can include products and services related to televisions, home theatres, computers and accessories, digital photography, smartphones, GPS, mobile media players, e-book readers, and so on.
  • Getting the Dream Job - Living the Life You Love
    By sharing his own unique story, Marc enjoys speaking to the youth of today about finding their passions, how to succeed in business right out of school and how doing something you truly love to do is the way to prosper. His encouraging story is a true testament of these insights in his current position as a freelance journalist, author and broadcast specialist. Quite familiar with the multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry, Marc is also well-versed on developing game patents, protecting your invention, and working as a developer.
  • Internet Safety Tips For Kids and Parents
    Whether the audience is made up of kids or parents, Marc can speak about how to best protect kids in cyberspace. Parents can often feel helpless because the kids know more than mom and dad in some situations. For kids, Saltzman addresses items like "Texting Do's and Dont's" and "10 Tips to Safe Facebooking." For parents, he advises child-proofing Internet tips and tricks (in plain English).

Speaker Topics:

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