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Kimberley Seldon


Kimberley Seldon Speaker Video

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Kimberley Seldon

Broadcast Personality, Interior Designer, Speaker, Author, Furniture Designer

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Kimberley Seldon's Speaker Programs:

  • Solutions for Small Spaces
    Make your small space a triumph of style over size. Learn proven techniques for increasing visual space and maximizing available square footage from one of Canada's most renowned interior designers.
  • Spring into Decorating
    Spring into Decorating is a lively, energetic and information-packed presentation - from hottest décor trends to outdoor living spaces, popular colours & fabrics, to organization strategies for de-cluttering your home. Go home with your head full of fresh decorating ideas.
  • Step by Step
    Learn the 4 practical steps that will change your décor from "so-so" to sensational! Kimberley unveils her very own formula for awe-inspiring decorating. Discover this fail-proof approach that can literally transform every room in your home!
  • Defining Your Design Style
    Decide how you want a room to feel or you will never be satisfied with how it looks. Let Kimberley unlock the key in understanding and identifying your style and taste. Develop the vocabulary that expresses your emotional likes and dislikes in home décor.
  • Business of Design I
    Participants learn to:
    ◦Communicate clearly; gain client and trade confidence
    ◦Plan for the unexpected and ease jobsite disruptions
    ◦Save client's money and boost company profits
    ◦Increase word-of-mouth referrals and develop healthy trade relationships
    ◦Streamline procedures and increase efficiency
  • Business of Design II
    Expand on learning from Business of Design I:
    ◦Defining your unique company experience
    ◦Procedural development and concise contracts
    ◦Budgeting with assurance
  • Business of Design III
    Participants learn to:
    ◦Create winning presentations and get a "yes" from clients
    ◦Successfully exit relationships
    ◦Track and bill for design hours
    ◦Turn projects into promotional vehicles
  • What's Hot & What's Not
    Kimberley outlines furniture, fabric and fashion design trends for the current year
  • Motherhood

Kimberley Seldon's Testimonials:

"I am leaving with a renewed sense of confidence and excitement". Robert Allen Fine Fabrics

"Kimberley simplified large intentions into real, doable, manageable steps." W. Studio

"This information is not covered in traditional design school and yet is absolutely critical to success in the design industry." The French Connection Antiques

"I really appreciated Kimberley's honest approach to topics, rarely are professionals honest about mistakes or problems!" The Metropolitan Hotel

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Kimberley Seldon speaker video