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Happy Earth Day! 4 Tips to Live Greener

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, demonstrates support for environmental protection, inspiring awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment and how we can preserve Earth’s beauty.


Here are four tips on how you can contribute to the goodness of our world:

1. Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint: Try walking to work one day a week or make sure your driving route tackles all of your errands at one time.

2. Use water efficiently: Make sure your dish and clothes washing machines are full before running a load. Don’t forget to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth!

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Keep and wash food containers for other uses and bring re-usable bags on your shopping trips.

4. Make some environmentally protective choices: Protect yourself from the sun by always wearing sunscreen– even on a cloudy day the sun’s rays are powerful enough to damage your skin.


Prospeakers.com is proud to offer many terrific and inspiring speakers on environmental topics:

Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow  speaks on topics such as: human rights, social structures and the erosion of equality in the face of growing corporate control of our social, environmental and political lives. She is the National  Chairperson of The Council of Canadians, Canada’s largest citizen’s advocacy  organization, as well as the co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, which works  to stop commodification of the world’s water. Maude has received 11 honorary doctorates and  multiple awards for her efforts in environmentalism and equality.




Jay Ingram
Co-host and producer of television’s first daily science show Daily Planet, Jay Ingram is one of Canada’s best-known science media experts. He has been awarded the 1984 Royal Society of Canada McNeil Medal for the Public Awareness of Science, the 1986 Sandford Fleming Medal from the Royal Canadian Institute for his work popularizing science, and the 2001 Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Jay has written ten books and is an engaging, provocative speaker who can address complex, scientific issues in non-technical terms, making them interesting, relevant and accessible to a wide range of audiences.



Kimberly Pinkson
A longtime social entrepreneur and founder of a hybrid enterprise, Kimberly Pinkson is a green lifestyle consultant, media guest and keynote speaker.  She is a regular  contributor to websites and parenting magazines and her “Ask EcoMom”  column is a popular feature among The Cradle readers. She has appeared on The  TODAY Show, 20/20, ABC Evening News, CBS Evening News, KGO’s View from the Bay  and a host of regional television programs. Kimberly is passionate about creating an  environmentally, socially and economically sustainable future.



To book Maude, Jay, Kimberly or any of our other environmental speakers for your upcoming event, give us a call at 416-420-4525 or be in touch via our site.

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Gail Vaz-Oxlade: “Money Moron” & 5 Tips to Prevent Meltdowns

Gail Vaz-Oxlade
Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s new television series Money Moron premieres this Friday evening at 9pm on Slice. In Money Moron, the financial guru helps over-spenders and their victims: from spouses, to parents and children Gail helps a “tattler” confront a “money moron” in order to resolve their failing relationship.

She assigns the “money moron” various tasks, like keeping a spending journal and cash flow budget. If they succeed, they can be awarded up to $10,000.

In an interview with the Canadian Press Gail explains,

“People at home will watch this and all to learn how to tell the truth, how to lovingly tell the person that they’re genuinely interested in helping, ‘This is not working, we have to do something.'”

Gail is passionate about getting people to take control of their money and  their lives. She is best known for her frank-talking ways as host of Til  Debt Do Us Part and Princess, two other Slice TV shows that focus on helping individuals and couples rethink and rewire  their spending habits.

Here are Gail’s five tips on how to prevent money meltdowns in relationships:

1. Confess your financial issues, whether they concern your own money or your partner’s.
2. Don’t deceive each other in anything related to finances.
3. Have constructive, rather than confrontational, cash chats; communicate your longer-term financial goals to find a common ground.
4. Choose when you talk about finances carefully: timing is everything!
5. Don’t let one person take all control over the money, it should be a joint effort.

To book Gail for your upcoming event, give us a call at 416-420-4525 or be in touch via our site.


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From Our Speakers: Lessons Learned, Skating Season, Staying Healthy

Our speaker roster ranges from athletes to authors, business specialists to sportscasters… Which means their advice and insights cover just as many topics! Here are a few thoughts and ideas our speakers have shared recently.


Patrick Chan Patrick Chan claimed gold in Russia last weekend:

Chan laughingly said his superb show in Moscow was thanks in part to his chagrin at placing second before a home-country crowd at Skate Canada.

“It kind of sparked something in me … it sucks to lose,” he said. The Toronto skater’s disappointment spurred him to practice intensively and “I didn’t leave any chance for mistakes.”

Chan was the only one of the men to land two quads, both of them strong enough to look almost relaxed.

What’s next for Chan? How do you think his season will play out?



Kathy Buckworth Kathy Buckworth gives tips on surviving the waiting room:

Try to get the first appointment of the day, or the first one after the office’s lunch break, which is the most effective way to minimize wait time before the back log begins. Vaccinations can also be administered by nurses and other health care workers, not requiring a long wait for your family doctor.

Not sure what vaccinations your child needs? Just hearing about the pneumococcal vaccine? Undecided as to whether the flu shot is right for your family? Guidelines can change so if you have questions, speak with your doctor for the most up to date information. Remember to keep your immunization records up to date.

What’s your plan for keeping the family healthy this winter?



Elliotte Friedman Elliotte Friedman shares profound life lessons from his grandparents and great aunt:

It was Sept. 27, 1989, my 19th birthday. Crisp fall day, three weeks after arriving at the University of Western Ontario….I decided things were going to be different. Three people are responsible for that. This is my thank you.

Moishe Yaakov Kujawski, Mania Bodner and Eva Bross met in Bergen-Belsen, the Nazi concentration camp liberated by the British in April 1945. They were all Polish and had been through the worst kind of hell.

Who are your heroes? Do you have a moment where everything changed?




To book any of these speakers, contact us or give us a call: 416-420-4525


From Our Speakers: Communication, Listening, Learning, Business & Climate Change

Our speaker roster ranges from economists to parenting experts, sport celebrities to entrepreneurs… Which means their advice and insights cover just as many topics! Here are a few thoughts and ideas our speakers have shared this past week.


Andrew Winston  On his blog, Andrew Winston asks why businesses should careif Hurricane Sandy was “caused” by climate change; if climate change is real, what are the implications for business?But let’s get real about business impacts. If you’re going to really assess risk to your operations now and in the future, you have to understand how climate change will increase the likelihood of severe events and what it will mean for your value chain. Not doing so would be costly, stupid, and irresponsible to your shareholders.

Companies are waking up to the immediate impacts…But adapting is just not good enough.

Nicholas Boothman Communication expert and author of “How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less,” Nicholas Boothman understands the power of human interaction. And in today’s market, “giving a damn” is a defining feature that sets businesses apart.When you give a damn, you give energy – good quality energy. When you don’t you zap energy… Sure you must deliver the goods, but increasingly consumers are making their purchase decisions based on “Does the chef who prepared this meal look like she gives a damn about my food?”  “Does this mechanic give a damn about my car?”  “Does this realtor/bank/airline give a damn about the impact they have on my life?”  It’s easy to spot and relatively easy to fix.
Robert Murray Robert Murray, leadership and business coach, writes about the best sales strategy: listening. We often think we need to talk more to sell. But often, he suggests, listening is most powerful.I have seen hundreds of sales people that meet a prospect for the first time and feel that they immediately have to launch into the ‘pitch’ and never bother finding out what the prospect’s challenges are.  When I go on a first time sales call, I will ask a couple of questions and then I shut-up and listen.  What I discover is that almost always:

  • The prospect gives me more time than we have scheduled
  • That the sales cycle is drastically reduced
  • That I get a “Yes” most of the time.
Robert Gray We all wish that our brains worked a little bit faster, that our memories were a little sharper and our recall spun a little bit faster, don’t we? Bob Gray helps make that reality. He recently put together some studying tips for students; and they’re helpful for those of us beyond university as well!Instead of using constant repetition, read something and then try to recall it. Research shows that you only gain another 7% comprehension from a second read through material, and only an additional 1% on the third. So this valuable time spent on rereading is way out of whack for the results you can expect to gain from it.

Instead, make notes in colored pens about what you are reading. Then, ask yourself questions about what you have just read.


To book any of these speakers, contact us or give us a call: 416-420-4525



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Celebrity Spokespeople: Grow Your Influence, Expand Your Visibility
Here at prospeakers.com, we represent and have excellent relationships with a range of talent. From media personalities to athletes, chefs, medical experts, lifestyle spokespeople and industry experts, we have negotiated hundreds of contracts on behalf of brands, marketing and public relations agencies and non-profit organizations.Our recent clientele include BMO, McCain, Loblaws, AMGEN, Procter & Gamble, Church & Dwight, Shaw Media and many others.

Below are some of the talent we’ve recently worked with; but this is by no means an exhaustive list! Let us help you source ideas and people who best fit with your budget and brand needs.


Alyson Schafer Alyson SchaferParenting and Communication Expert, PsychotherapistAlyson Schafer is a psychotherapist and one of Canada’s leading parenting experts. She is the Ask An Expert columnist for Today’s Parent Magazine and sits on the Health Advisory Board for Chatelaine Magazine. Alyson is a re-occurring guest expert on The Marilyn Denis show and CTV News Channel.
Adam Kreek Adam KreekFour-time World Champion, Olympic Gold MedalistAdam Kreek is a gold medalist and two-time Olympian, an entrepreneur, speaker, and expert in High Performance. In addition to his work with several non-profit organizations, Adam and his crew, OAR Northwest, will row across the Atlantic Ocean, from Liberia to Venezuela, in December 2012. He is also a spokesperson for Right to Play.
Kathy Buckworth Kathy BuckworthAward-winning Author, Television Personality, Parenting ExpertKathy Buckworth is the only two-time winner of the Excellence in Humour Writing Award, (2006, 2008) presented by the Professional Writers Association of Canada. She writes regular columns for ParentsCanada, The Women’s Post, and Health & Harmony. Her monthly column, “Funny Mummy” appears on over 25 websites across Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand, as well as in print. Kathy is a featured expert on Slice Network’s “Birth Days” and is the regular parenting expert on several national TV networks.
Geoff Woodmansey Geoff WoodmanseyExpert Contractor, “Junk Raiders” and “Canada’s Worst Handyman”Geoff Woodmansey is on the Discovery Channel, bringing a wealth of knowledge to his role as the expert contractor for “Junk Raiders,” Seasons 1-3 and “Canada’s Worst Handyman,” Seasons 3-6. Geoff has over 25 years of residential construction experience, ranging from new home construction to extensive additions and interior renovations in some of Toronto’s most exclusive neighborhoods.
Theresa Albert Theresa AlbertExpert Nutritionist, Spokesperson, TV PersonalityTheresa Albert is a the food, health, weight loss and cooking expert on the CBC daily lifestyle show Steven and Chris, which airs internationally, and a contributor for CTV Newschannel and CBC’s The National, making sense of health news. Named one of Canada’s Top 25 Tweeters by Today’s Parent Magazine and one of Savvymom.ca’s 35 Favorite Bloggers, she communicates about food and health where the action is.
Dr. David Greenberg Dr. David GreenbergPhysician & Healthcare ExpertDr. David Greenberg is currently on staff at St. Joseph’s Health Centre where he plays a leadership role in the areas of Family medicine, Obstetrics, and Continuing Medical Education. In 2005, “Dr. Dave” has hosted several educational videos for both physicians and patients and has appeared on many television and radio programs dealing with healthcare issues. He is also a regular contributor to Cityline.

We have the expertise to arrange celebrity talent for a variety of marketing initiatives, including public relations campaigns, endorsements, advertising campaigns, hospitality, public appearances and more. And we’re here to help! Give us a call or drop us a note today.



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Soup & Beans: Kitchen Tidbits from Theresa Albert

Theresa Albert, nutritionist, spokesperson and media personality, is here with two simple tips to foster healthy eating this fall!

(image from dinner with Julie)



As the weather turns colder, you’re turning to carbs, aren’t you?

There are darned good biological and psychological reasons for this but the bottom line is, if you keep doing so, you are going to feel it in your, er, bottom line.  Your secret line of defense is soup. 

Studies show that having a bowl of broth based soup before a meal actually helps you eat less during that meal.  Sipping on a cup of miso soup at 3 pm instead of a latte may nourish you right up until dinner for a mere 20 or so calories. Here are some more tips for making simple, great soups.


Key Ingredient

Beans go well beyond the few kidneys you often find in chili. Adding just ½ cup of beans to your diet each day has been shown to improve your risk of heart disease, and there are insanely delicious ways to accomplish this, from adding canned chick peas to salads to spreading hummus on your sandwich!  They don’t need to play a starring role in the day; even a handful of roasted soybeans as a snack can help.

That said, there is nothing like a French inspired cassoulet to warm up a day.  This bean dish often has sausage and or poultry stewed in but a vegetarian version is great as a side dish when you have a flexitarian household to keep happy.  Here’s a simple cassoulet recipe to get you started.




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The Speaker Booking Process: A Step-by-Step Overview

Wondering about the process involved in hiring a professional speaker for your upcoming event or conference?

Wonder no more! Here’s an overview of the process flow with suggestions on time allocation for each stage:


1. Gather your information: (that’s what you’re doing now!)

  • event date/preferred date options
  • budget range
  • goal of the meeting, overview of attendees


2. Call or contact a bureau: (as soon as you’re ready, we’re waiting.)

  • outline your needs
  • find someone who listens well
  • establish a short-list of candidates


3. Select a speaker. (expect the selection process to take 1-2 weeks)

  • talk through the shortlist with key stakeholders
  • return to the bureau with any further questions


4. Sign the paperwork. (at least 8 weeks before your event is ideal)

  • an official contract outlines expectations and protects all parties involved


5. Coordinate travel/AV details. (6-8 weeks ahead of time)

  • clarify who will book relevant flights/hotels
  • what A/V supplies is the speaker bringing? what does the client need to provide?


6. Connect with your speaker. (2-4 weeks ahead of time)

  • your bureau can facilitate a call with your speaker to talk through key messaging and any other important questions


7. Have the event. (the big day!)

  • with all the hard work you’ve put in so far, it’s sure to be a great one


8. Connect with the bureau post-event. (within a week)

  • your bureau should call you within a day or two to hear how the event went
  • speakers and bureaus are both keen to deliver high-quality service; feedback, both positive and constructive, are essential to our growth
  • take care of any outstanding invoices (ie travel expenses)


10. Start again!

  • get the ball rolling on the next event


At prospeakers.com, our goal is to make your event execution as simple as possible, providing you with quality content at reasonable prices. Give us a call or send us an email to start the conversation today!



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Summer Reading From Our Speakers


Looking for something to do during these long hazy evenings, or are heading up to the cottage sometime soon? Consider picking up one of these books from some of our favourite speakers:


Wingfield’s World – by Dan Needles. A comedic take on rural Canadiana, Needles’ popular plays are linked together in this lighthearted novel set in Persephone Township.
Shut Up and Eat – by  Kathy Buckworth. Buckworth’s collection of stories on motherhood, mealtimes, and the messiness of life will entertain and encourage you – and she’s thrown in some of her favourite recipes!
The Day I (Almost) Killed Two Gretzkys – by  James Duthie. A veteran sports reporter, Duthie shares a selection of his sports columns and several unpublished stories of life in the sports world, fatherhood, and his crush on Anna Kournikova.
Superbodies - by Greg Wells. Based on his award-winning segments during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Wells uses familiar stories and faces to unpack the science behind how our bodies work and give tips on increasing personal performance on and off the track.
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – by Robin Sharma. This fable brings together eastern wisdom with  western success principles to outline a new way toward fulfilling your dreams.
Moolala – by Bruce Sellery. A straightforward guide to managing your money, Sellery is a business journalist, analyst, and finance expert on Million Dollar Neighbourhood whose insights are sure to help simplify your spending chaos.
 Canada: Landscape of Dreams – by Roberta Bondar. Not only is she Canada’s first female astronaut, Bondar is also an accomplished nature photographer. This coffee table book highlights the beauty of our vast country.


Meeting Tips, A Recipe & Euro Cup Thoughts – From Our Speakers

Our speaker roster ranges from economists to parenting experts, sport celebrities to entrepreneurs… Which means their advice and insights cover just as many topics! Here are a few thoughts and ideas our speakers have shared this past week.



Michael Kerr, on upping the fun factor in your next meeting:

  • Make the agenda interesting, fun, and grabbing. I don’t mean corny or goofy, but use captivating copy to attract attention. Encourage your presenters to use fun titles, even for serious presentations.
  • Include a fun trivia list or fun questionnaire on each table. At multi-day events, have a new one each half day.
  • Shoot short, fun “attendee in the hall” videos to capture impromptu thoughts on the meeting and intersperse the clips throughout the meeting.
  • Award a prize for whoever can provide the group with the fastest and most accurate summary of the meeting during its wrap-up.
  • Let attendees know what wacky holiday (“Talk Like a Pirate Day” – September 19; “ Answer Your Cat’s Question Day,” January 22) it is.
  • Have each presenter answer a series of quirky questions before each presentation (a la James Lipton from “Insider the Actors Studio”).
  • A fun post-event video on your website reminds attendees of the value they received from the event and primes the interest for next time.
  • Send out a humorous “top-10 things we hoped you learned from the meeting list” that intersperses funny highlights with serious gems from the event.

original post available here.



Liz Pearson gives you a recipe for a Spinach Dip with Greek Yogourt and Basil:



 2 cups low fat, plain Greek yogurt

1 package frozen chopped spinach, thawed

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp honey

1 cup fresh basil, chopped

¼ tsp crushed red pepper flakes

¼ tsp freshly ground pepper

Please note:  This recipe has no added salt.  The kids on my street prefer the dip without the basil.  The adults love it with the basil.  Try it either way! Also note that you can use about 8 cups of fresh, baby spinach instead of frozen spinach.  Frozen, however, is convenient and still offers outstanding nutrition.


  1.  Take spinach out of freezer and let thaw (overnight or a few hours before or in the microwave).  Squeeze out all excess water.
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a blender or in a medium size bowl with a hand-held blender.
  3. Serve.

Nutritional information per tablespoon of dip (per ½ cup/125 mL): 66 calories, 2 g fat, 1 g saturated fat, 6 g carbohydrates, 4 g sugars, 1 g fibre, 8 g protein, 106 mg sodium

original post available here.



and Jason de Vos shares some insights on the Euro Cup, so far:


Nearly 40% of the goals scored so far in the tournament have been headers – a significant increase over previous tournaments. Granted, it is still early in the tournament, but there are a few reasons for this.

First and foremost, some of the delivery from set pieces has been superb. Steven Gerrard for England and Andrei Arshavin for Russia are just two examples. When the ball is delivered at pace behind defenders, all that is needed is a slight glancing touch – from either a defender or an attacker – and the ball is in the back of the net.

Second, many of the teams have utilized the space in wide areas really well. Overlapping fullbacks, such as Piszczek and Gebre Selassie, as well as the predominance of the 4-2-3-1 formation, means that more and more teams are looking to deliver quality balls from wide areas into the penalty box for their strikers to attack.

original post available here



7 Questions to Ask About Potential Speakers

Now that you’ve made your first round of decisions and are choosing a specific speaker for your event, here are seven questions to ask about each potential candidate:


1.     Who are some of their previous clients?

2.      Is there a video I can see of them in action?

3.      What’s their area of expertise/perspective on the specific topic?

4.      What is most memorable about this speaker’s style/content/presentation?

5.      How do they go about customizing content?

6.      Are they available for a call prior to the event?

7.     Where do they travel from, and do they have any specific travel needs?



If you’re looking to book a speaker, contact us with all your speaker-related questions – we’re here to help!




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