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Happy Earth Day! 4 Tips to Live Greener

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, demonstrates support for environmental protection, inspiring awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment and how we can preserve Earth’s beauty.


Here are four tips on how you can contribute to the goodness of our world:

1. Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint: Try walking to work one day a week or make sure your driving route tackles all of your errands at one time.

2. Use water efficiently: Make sure your dish and clothes washing machines are full before running a load. Don’t forget to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth!

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Keep and wash food containers for other uses and bring re-usable bags on your shopping trips.

4. Make some environmentally protective choices: Protect yourself from the sun by always wearing sunscreen– even on a cloudy day the sun’s rays are powerful enough to damage your skin.


Prospeakers.com is proud to offer many terrific and inspiring speakers on environmental topics:

Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow  speaks on topics such as: human rights, social structures and the erosion of equality in the face of growing corporate control of our social, environmental and political lives. She is the National  Chairperson of The Council of Canadians, Canada’s largest citizen’s advocacy  organization, as well as the co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, which works  to stop commodification of the world’s water. Maude has received 11 honorary doctorates and  multiple awards for her efforts in environmentalism and equality.




Jay Ingram
Co-host and producer of television’s first daily science show Daily Planet, Jay Ingram is one of Canada’s best-known science media experts. He has been awarded the 1984 Royal Society of Canada McNeil Medal for the Public Awareness of Science, the 1986 Sandford Fleming Medal from the Royal Canadian Institute for his work popularizing science, and the 2001 Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Jay has written ten books and is an engaging, provocative speaker who can address complex, scientific issues in non-technical terms, making them interesting, relevant and accessible to a wide range of audiences.



Kimberly Pinkson
A longtime social entrepreneur and founder of a hybrid enterprise, Kimberly Pinkson is a green lifestyle consultant, media guest and keynote speaker.  She is a regular  contributor to websites and parenting magazines and her “Ask EcoMom”  column is a popular feature among The Cradle readers. She has appeared on The  TODAY Show, 20/20, ABC Evening News, CBS Evening News, KGO’s View from the Bay  and a host of regional television programs. Kimberly is passionate about creating an  environmentally, socially and economically sustainable future.



To book Maude, Jay, Kimberly or any of our other environmental speakers for your upcoming event, give us a call at 416-420-4525 or be in touch via our site.

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Adam Kreek Is Halfway Across the Atlantic. In a Rowboat.

Adam Kreek, Olympic medalist and environmental advocate, is six weeks into a transatlantic row.


Yes, that’s right.

For the past 40-odd days, he and three other men have been rowing their 30ft boat through the near-endless waves between South Africa and Florida. As they go, they are raising awareness and funds for the Canadian Wildlife Federation, collecting important scientific data, and connecting with children around the world. Ian Hanomansing reported on the journey last night on CBC’s The National. Watch the segment here.


Follow along with Adam & co on their website: http://oarnorthwest.com/

And we’d love to help you book Adam to come speak to your group, once he is back on solid ground!


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From Our Speakers: Communication, Listening, Learning, Business & Climate Change

Our speaker roster ranges from economists to parenting experts, sport celebrities to entrepreneurs… Which means their advice and insights cover just as many topics! Here are a few thoughts and ideas our speakers have shared this past week.


Andrew Winston  On his blog, Andrew Winston asks why businesses should careif Hurricane Sandy was “caused” by climate change; if climate change is real, what are the implications for business?But let’s get real about business impacts. If you’re going to really assess risk to your operations now and in the future, you have to understand how climate change will increase the likelihood of severe events and what it will mean for your value chain. Not doing so would be costly, stupid, and irresponsible to your shareholders.

Companies are waking up to the immediate impacts…But adapting is just not good enough.

Nicholas Boothman Communication expert and author of “How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less,” Nicholas Boothman understands the power of human interaction. And in today’s market, “giving a damn” is a defining feature that sets businesses apart.When you give a damn, you give energy – good quality energy. When you don’t you zap energy… Sure you must deliver the goods, but increasingly consumers are making their purchase decisions based on “Does the chef who prepared this meal look like she gives a damn about my food?”  “Does this mechanic give a damn about my car?”  “Does this realtor/bank/airline give a damn about the impact they have on my life?”  It’s easy to spot and relatively easy to fix.
Robert Murray Robert Murray, leadership and business coach, writes about the best sales strategy: listening. We often think we need to talk more to sell. But often, he suggests, listening is most powerful.I have seen hundreds of sales people that meet a prospect for the first time and feel that they immediately have to launch into the ‘pitch’ and never bother finding out what the prospect’s challenges are.  When I go on a first time sales call, I will ask a couple of questions and then I shut-up and listen.  What I discover is that almost always:

  • The prospect gives me more time than we have scheduled
  • That the sales cycle is drastically reduced
  • That I get a “Yes” most of the time.
Robert Gray We all wish that our brains worked a little bit faster, that our memories were a little sharper and our recall spun a little bit faster, don’t we? Bob Gray helps make that reality. He recently put together some studying tips for students; and they’re helpful for those of us beyond university as well!Instead of using constant repetition, read something and then try to recall it. Research shows that you only gain another 7% comprehension from a second read through material, and only an additional 1% on the third. So this valuable time spent on rereading is way out of whack for the results you can expect to gain from it.

Instead, make notes in colored pens about what you are reading. Then, ask yourself questions about what you have just read.


To book any of these speakers, contact us or give us a call: 416-420-4525



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4 Tips to Your Best Golf Season

Lisa Vlooswyk, Canadian Long-Drive Champion, ranked #2 in the world, offers some golf tips to kick-start your season.

Well, this sunshine confirms it; the golf season is just around the corner, and it’s time to swing into spring! Here are 4 tips to make 2012 your best season yet:

1. Take a Lesson: Invest in your game this summer. Take a lesson from a certified golf instructor, not your buddy who claims to be a 5 handicap. Have your swing faults correctly diagnosed and be given proper technique and drills to get you striking the ball more solidly and consistently.

2. Schedule Time to Practice: Most of our golf time is spent on the course, but you can’t expect to lower your scores and start winning skins if you don’t practice. Start with one day a week (work up to 2 or 3) in which you focus on one area of your game (ex: chipping, putting, short irons, driver). Spend your time at the range working on just that one skill set. Set out targets to aim for and don’t just shoot rapid fire. Practice with purpose, lining up each shot at a target and holding your finish. Even 30 min at a time will vastly improve your handicap.

3. Be Professionally Fitted for Your Clubs: Go to a Club Builder and have your swing speed checked, the correct lie and loft angles for your swing and your putter fitted (cut to the right length and bent for your stroke). This is a relatively inexpensive process (under $200) but can make a world of difference to your game. Even if you purchased the new $2,500 set at Golf Town you will be shocked by how each shaft can flex at a variety of rates. Maybe your mis-hits aren’t all your fault!

4. Play One Bucket List Course. Plan a trip to play one course you have never played but have always wanted to. It can be local (if budget is an issue) or the Home of Golf in St. Andrews! It will challenge your game and give you memories and stories for a lifetime, guaranteed.

Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk is the reigning 7 time Canadian Long Drive Champion for Women and ranked #2 in the World. She is a Golf Entertainer, Motivational Speaker and Golf Journalist.

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Dr. Jack Mintz – A made-in-Canada solution?

blogpic-2010-08-09-jackmintzYes, Ottawa can harmonize with new U.S. energy standards, but it’s not too late for a smarter approach, says Jack Mintz in the following Globe and Mail article.

To book Dr. Mintz for your next event please contact us.

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The Phytoplankton We Can’t Live Without by David Suzuki

David Suzuki Scientist; broadcaster; Chair, the David Suzuki Foundation has written a fascinating article about phytoplankton. (more…)

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The Greening of the Olympic Sponsors

By Andrew Winston, Posted March 1st, 2010

The following was originally published on the Harvard Business Online.

Every year, major sporting events get greener and the goals for renewable energy use, carbon-neutrality, or zero-waste get tougher. The Vancouver Olympics which just ended featured a large range of greening activities; the sustainability staff worked on them for years, producing sustainability reports as far back as 2007. In their bids for the 2016 Olympics, not only did Chicago describe its games as “low-carbon”, but Tokyo actually claimed its event would be carbon-negative. As a special advisor to U.S. Soccer’s bid for the FIFA World Cup in 2018 or 2022, I can tell you that there will be some tough goals in place for that event as well, should we win the bid. (more…)

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The Globe talks to California’s green guru Terry Tamminen

On Wednesday in Ottawa, a high-powered summit, the SDTC Cleantech Summit, will hear from a high priest of green: the former environmental adviser to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Tamminen. (more…)

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Terry Tamminen

Terry Tamminen is now an expert blogger for Fast Company magazine and CNBC. Check out his most recent posting Why China is Winning the Green Game. (more…)

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Andrew Winston – Small Changes Making a Big Difference

Environmental policy and business expert Andrew Winston recently wrote a column for Harvard Business Online about differentiating major changes and incremental changes. When it comes to the revitalizing your business, he argues, the small changes might be just as important as the grand, sweeping ones. (more…)

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