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Six Incredible Family, Parenting, and Youth Speakers

Looking to bring in a speaker to your educational event? Whether it’s for a school, parenting community, or family-focused evening, we have the speakers for you!

Read on to meet Cameron Hughes, Professional Sports Fan – or Jeff Adams, a Five-Time Paralympian and World Champion – their ability to engage and inspire children, youth, and adults alike is perfect for a youth-focused event.

Liz Pearson will help you tackle the many challenges of eating well as a busy family!

And of course, our parenting experts Kathy Buckworth, Ann Douglas, and Alyson Schafer are full of input and tools that will help bring a little sanity to your day-to-day lives.



Cameron Hughes

Cameron Hughes got up out of his seat at an Ottawa Senators game in 1994, and spontaneously pumped up the fans into an inspired frenzy. What started out as a gag soon turned into a full-time career as a “Sports Entertainer,” speaker and television host. Cameron has entertained nearly 10 million fans across North America in stadiums and arenas of all sizes, and was the official crowd animator for 25 hockey events at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. He was a huge hit at the 2011 US Tennis Open in New York City, and his antics inspired Novak Djokovic to dance at centre court, followed by a post-game dance-off that hit over 100 million impressions worldwide.

Cameron was the voice of the award-winning Labatt Blue “Out of the Blue” radio advertising campaign that lasted from 1998-2001 and hosted 2 seasons of “Game Face”, a sports comedy series on The Comedy Network in Canada. He also hosted the CFL’s Grey Cup live on TSN in Canada, and performed to a sold out crowd of 68,000 boisterous fans.

Cameron lost his mother to breast cancer in 1988 at the peak of his high school career, indirectly inspiring him to become school president, athlete and community leader. After a very “interesting ” university career as an active student leader, entrepreneur and Mr. Spirit, Cameron has spoken to over 300 000 students across North America, and has been asked to be the keynote speaker for Bishop University’s Orientation Day for the last 10 years.


Jeff AdamsJeff Adams is no stranger to overcoming challenges. He survived childhood cancer, but the radiation treatment that ultimately saved his life permanently damaged his spinal cord. He started using a wheelchair at a young age, and his love of competitive sport helped him turn his wheelchair into the vehicle for a journey of success. Adams is a five-time Paralympian and six-time World Champion. He has acted in television commercials, has been a global spokesperson for multinational corporations, and regularly works as a journalist and colour commentator, recently hosting the CBC radio show The Current. He’s served as Chair of the Accessibility Committee for the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid Committee and as the Chair for the Ontarians with Disability Advisory Council.

In 2002, Adams climbed the 1776 stairs of the CN Tower in a specially designed wheelchair for an awareness event called “Step Up to Change”. By climbing the stairs in a wheelchair, Adams demonstrated in a tangible way, that when faced with what seems like an impossible task or an insurmountable barrier, having a plan, sticking to it, and taking it “one step at a time” is the best way to guarantee success. Using compelling video footage of both the best and worst days of his athletic career, the themes that echo throughout his presentation are encouraging, motivating, and inspiring for young and old alike.


Liz Pearson approaches healthy eating in a way that is sane and sensible. Her mission is to translate the often-confusing and ever-changing science of healthy eating into practical, commonsense advice that people can follow in their busy lives. Liz’s second book, The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan, that still leaves room for chocolate! was a national bestseller and won a North American award for best book in the health/nutrition category. Liz’s newest book, Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health, and don’t forget the chocolate, sold out as soon as it hit bookstore shelves. This national bestseller also won the prestigious gold award from Cuisine Canada for excellence in nutrition writing and recipes.

Liz is well known and respected by the media. She was a regular nutrition correspondent for CBC News World and has appeared on shows such as Canada AM, Breakfast Television, City TV, CBC Radio and 680 News. Liz was the nutrition columnist for Chatelaine magazine – Canada’s leading magazine for women – for seven years. A sought-after consultant for the food industry, Liz has worked with companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, Campbell’s, Loblaws and Dare Foods. She represented the 5-to-10-a-day fruit and vegetable campaign, sponsored by The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society, for many years.


Kathy BuckworthKathy Buckworth is an award-winning writer, public speaker, and television personality. She is the author of six books, including I Am So The Boss of You: An 8 Step Guide to Giving Your Family The Business and Shut Up and Eat: Tales of Chicken, Children & Chardonnay. She writes for Sympatico.ca, Metro News Canada, the Huffington Post (Canada), Parents Canada, and many other magazines. She is a regular guest expert on CityLine, and parenting correspondent for CTVNewsChannel. Kathy is a two- time winner of the Professional Writers Association of Canada Award for Excellence in Humour, and is the 2010 recipient of the Mississauga Arts Award for Established Literary Arts. She has over 18 years of corporate marketing experience with CIBC, Royal Bank, Telus and Coca Cola Foods.

Kathy helps Moms everywhere laugh and realize that balance is just something you need to do while putting on your peep-toe heels. And you are so the boss of them.


Alyson SchaferAlyson Schafer is a psychotherapist and one of Canada’s leading parenting experts. She is the Ask An Expert columnist for Today’s Parent Magazine and sits on the Health Advisory Board for Chatelaine Magazine. Alyson is a re-occurring guest expert on The Marilyn Denis show and CTV News Channel. She is the best-selling author of three parenting books; Breaking The Good Mom Myth; Honey, I Wrecked the Kids; and her latest, Ain’t Misbehavin’ , is receiving rave reviews and endorsements from parenting experts across North America. Alyson is consulting and participating in the Bank of Montreal SmartSteps for Parents program, an online portal dedicated to helping parents teach financial literacy to their children. The media recognizes Alyson as their go-to person for parenting. She has appeared on CTV news, CBC radio, Canada AM, Montel Williams, Steven and Chris, Breakfast Television, Save Us From Our House, Planet Parent and more. In print you can find Alyson quoted in Canadian Family, Oh Baby, Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, The Globe and Mail, The Star and others.


Ann DouglasAnn Douglas has been Canada’s go-to guide to all things parenting since the publication of her now-classic The Mother of All Pregnancy Books over a decade ago. A mother of four and creator of an internationally successful book brand (The Mother of All®), Ann speaks frankly and with authority about parenting, communication, and tapping into the power of community. You may have read her column in The Toronto Star or noticed her being quoted by top media outlets as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Parenting, Parents, Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, Today’s Parent, Canadian Family, Chatelaine, or Canadian Living. Ann is trusted by the media to provide insightful analysis of the parenting issues of the day.

An experienced speaker, Ann has delivered keynote addresses and customized workshops to audiences ranging in size from 20 to 1500, delighting audiences of parents, healthcare professionals, social service workers, professional communicators, women, and business groups. If you’ve already met Ann via her books, you know what you can expect from one of her presentations: to be inspired, entertained, and informed.

For a full list of our family and parenting speakers, click here.

Or, as always, call us for more information! 416-420-4525 or be in touch via our site.


Something Different: Mark of a Leader

The Mark of a Leader is a revolutionary program that inspires corporate workforces across North America to  improved performance. A powerful, multimedia presentation, The Mark of a Leader promotes lasting results and rave reviews from its unique approach to storytelling and  leadership. Book Doug Keeley or Tim Magwood to passionately deliver this unique presentation at your next event.

Doug KeeleyDoug Keeley is one of North America’s  top communicators and a self-professed “leadership junkie.” Keeley has helped clients revive  dormant brands, drive huge increases in sales, build long-term customer  loyalty, and motivate workforces to improved performance and productivity. His  clients over two decades include American Express, Bayer, IBM, Nortel, Pfizer,  Scotiabank, Sears, RBC, Sony, SunLife, and Xerox. He has been interviewed on radio  and television for CBC, CTV, CITY TV and Global, and been the subject of  stories in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Sun, The Toronto Star, The  National Post, Marketing, and Strategy magazines. Keeley has written  many magazine stories and columns, and appeared as a subject expert in two  books on creativity and corporate culture.


TIm Headshot(1)Tim Magwood is a creative, collaborative and passionate leader. A colleague describes him  as a “lightning rod in driving positive change.” Tim has the head of an  entrepreneur, the heart of a coach, and the soul of a singer/songwriter. As a  seasoned facilitator and presenter, he has brought value to over 10,000  participants. Before  entering the business world, Tim delighted audiences in stage productions such  as Les Miserables (Royal Alexandra Theatre, National Arts Centre), Napoleon  (Elgin Theatre), and Fiddler on the Roof (Huron Country Playhouse). In  the mid 1990s he joined Canada’s largest private communications firm at the  time, ICE, as a Senior Account Director, and worked with many of Canada’s  biggest and best corporations. He left to pursue his passion for training,  becoming a senior consultant and trainer with Horn and Associates where he  designed and delivered sales and sales management training programs. In  1999, his vision was to create the “defacto sales learning leader in Canada.”  He started Fusion Learning, which became the fastest growing sales  effectiveness firm in the country, providing programs for hundreds of corporate  clients including Dynamic Funds, Rogers, BDC, Molson Coors, and TD Bank. Tim  sold his shares in Fusion in 2010, but continues to work with them. Tim reunited with ICE’s CEO Doug Keeley as a Consultant Storyteller at the Mark of a  Leader in late 2012.

Tim now combines his unique skills and passion for  leadership to teach, challenge, and inspire businesses and educators through  The Mark of a Leader program. Outside  of work, he enjoys time with his wife and 3 kids, and fuelling his passion for  music, recently releasing his second successful CD of original songs.

To book Doug or Tim for your next event, give us a call at 416-420-4525 or be in touch via our site.

Back-to-School Speakers

It’s that time of year again… back to school! Our speakers can get the year started off just right. With keynote speeches and workshops by our many experts on parenting and family relationships, parents and teachers alike will learn how to best work with children.

Alyson Schafer headshot - update July 2013Alyson Schafer is a psychotherapist and one of Canada’s leading parenting experts. A mother of two teenage girls, Alyson is the best-selling author of three parenting books; Breaking The Good Mom Myth, Honey, I Wrecked the Kids, and her latest, Ain’t Misbehavin‘. The media recognizes Alyson as their go-to person for parenting. She has appeared on CTV news, CBC radio, Canada AM, Montel Williams, Steven and Chris, Breakfast Television, Save US From Our House, Planet Parent and more. In print you can find Alyson quoted in Canadian Family, Oh Baby, Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and many others.

In her talks, Alyson addresses why parenting is so difficult today. She offers a new way to think about our roles as parents, highlighting the fundamental “do’s and don’ts of parenting” and offering some sound advice on issues that parents can apply immediately. Alyson also discusses the special relationship that siblings share and the underlying dynamics that can fuel the fights between them. She teaches ways to diminish rather than intensify competition and rivalry and move towards more harmonious and loving relationships within the family. You will learn ways to move from a win-lose conflict situation to one of cooperation and problem solving to end those power struggles!

View More: http://clbuchanan.pass.us/proofsKathy Buckworth is an award  winning writer, public speaker, and television personality.  She is the  author of six books, including I Am So the Boss of You: An 8 Step Guide to Giving Your Family the Business, recently released in March 2013. She is a feature writer for  Sympatico.ca in their parenting, travel and auto sections, and is also a  columnist for the Huffington Post (Canada), and many other publications. She is a parenting  correspondent for CTVNewsChannel, and appears on shows such as CityLine and The Marilyn Denis Show. Kathy is the only two time winner  of the Professional Writers Association of Canada Award for Excellence in Humour, and is the 2010 recipient of the Mississauga Arts Award for Established  Literary Arts.

A mother of four, she encourages moms everywhere to ”laugh about their lives.”

In her programs, Kathy discusses the challenges of reinventing yourself (both in your career and lifestyle) post-parenthood. She explains that our goal should be to find blend, rather than balance, in juggling our hectic lives. Kathy also explains how we can truly do what we love and love what we do because she believes that “it’s only work if you’d rather be somewhere else!

Maureen DennisMaureen Dennis founded “Wee Welcome,” a business devoted to giving new parents the tools to “have a baby and a life.” Over the last several years, Maureen has worked hard to make her business the national mom-powered  organization it is, and she is especially proud of the incredible team of  Canadian moms and the community of over 40 000 members they have built  together.

Maureen has also become an  important mom influencer through social and broadcast media. She appears  frequently on shows such as CBC’s National News, CTV News Channel, Canada A.M.,  CHCH Morning, CityLine, Global National News, Breakfast Television, A Channel Ottawa,  and Rogers Daytime. Maureen is also the exclusive Parenting Expert for CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show and has acted as a corporate spokesperson for a number of high profile brands.

A mother of four, active entrepreneur and leader, Maureen guides her community of over 40,000 expectant and new parents through the wild and often overwhelming world of parenting.

To book Alyson, Kathy or Maureen for your next event, give us a call at 416-420-4525 or be in touch via our site.