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We’ve Got the Finance & Economic Experts You’re Looking For!

Whether you’re looking for a financial spokesperson for a brand event, or someone to bring insight into our national economic reality, prospeakers.com has the finance and economic experts you need!

Which of these well-established authors and spokespeople are right for you? We’ll help you decide.


Patti Croft

Patricia Croft – Since retiring from the position of chief economist at RBC Global Asset Management in 2010, Patricia has been making frequent media appearances on Canadian financial market developments and the economic outlook for Canada. With 30 years of experience on Bay Street, on both the buy and sell side of the street, including a 13-year stint with Burns Fry followed by 3 years with Wood Gundy as senior economist, she was the youngest ever woman chief economist of a major financial institution in Canada. Her keen insights and warm demeanor make her a popular speaker at major institutions across the country.





Lloyd Atkinson

Dr. Lloyd Atkinson – Lloyd Atkinson is an economic superstar who offers authoritative perspectives on international economies, financial markets and global trends. A captivating speaker, he has the ability to explain complex issues in applicable, understandable terms. He has taught finance and economics at a number of American universities; his in-depth knowledge of the financial world and extensive experience in the academic realm have given him an impressive ability to speak confidently and insightfully into today’s economic climate.







Bruce Sellery

Bruce Sellery – Bruce Sellery, author of the best-selling Moo-la-la (Why smart people dumb things with their money (and what you can do about it) has been speaking professionally for over 14 years. He has delivered keynotes and hosted events for such clients as Manulife Financial, Bell Canada, Cosma International, Mastercard and industry associations of every description. He writes an advice column for Moneysense Magazine and was the financial expert and host of season one on “Million Dollar Neighborhood” a reality TV show on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. He regularly appears on Cityline and Lang & O’Leary.






Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Gail Vaz Oxlade – Gail’s no-nonsense approach to debt-reduction made her TV show Til Debt Do Us Part a veritable hit. She’s passionate about learning, committed to sharing, and hell-bent on getting people to take control of their money and their lives. Gail has written 13 books on personal finance, including It’s Your Money: Becoming a Woman of Independent Means, Money-Smart Kid$, and Debt-Free Forever. She has contributed hundreds of articles to financial media outlets, published a financial magazine for women, and worked with Canada’s leading financial services companies to help educate employees and clients.






For a full list of our finance & economic speakers, click here.


Or, as always, call us for more information! 416-420-4525 or be in touch via our site.


Boom Your Business

Are you looking for a speaker to engage your audience and develop your business as you navigate your way through this economy?

Look no further!

Prospeakers.com offers some of the world’s leading business strategists and economic experts who translate the latest research and trends into practical business advantages. Whether you are looking to update your environmental standards, glean from current demographic trends, or hear economic insights, our consultants will help boom your business as you navigate through this economy.

Andrew BowerbankAndrew Bowerbank is a respected authority on green buildings, sustainable development, industrial design, and low-carbon economics. He is the Special Advisor to Magna’s new solar energy division and the Chair of the EC3 Initiative, supporting developments in smart-grid infrastructure, renewable energy and electric vehicles. He regularly draws from his diverse background in efforts to engage industry leaders and support new business strategies in response to current energy and environmental issues.

He has also worked as a member representative for the United Nations Environmental Program in order to deliver a framework for major carbon reductions globally. Andrew also has extensive entrepreneurial experience in business start-up including not-for-profit initiatives and was invited to participate in the “Birmingham Charter”, an international protocol designed to bring together the “100 greatest minds” in the world and create a new model for defining global sustainability.


Lloyd AtkinsonDr. Lloyd Atkinson is an economic  superstar who offers authoritative perspectives on international economies, financial markets and global trends. A captivating speaker, he has the ability to explain complex issues in applicable, understandable terms. For nine years, Dr. Atkinson  served as Vice Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Strategist at  Perigee Investment Counsel Inc.

He has spent four years working for the United States government in Washington, D.C., as Senior Advisor at the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress, and as Deputy Assistant Director of the U.S. Congressional Budget Office. He taught economics and finance at a number of American universities, including  the University of Michigan and the University of Maryland, and has also served  as a consultant to the U.S. delegations at the International Monetary Fund and  the World Bank.

Dr. Atkinson has  been the recipient of several academic awards, as well as the Peat Marwick  “Most Accurate Predictor” Award for the years 1988 – 1993. Atkinson’s in-depth knowledge of  the financial world and extensive experience in the academic realm have given  him an impressive ability to speak confidently and insightfully into today’s economic climate.


don drummondDon Drummond travels widely, speaking to various groups about the economy and its prospects and he is frequently quoted by the media on economic and policy issues. Don was the former senior federal civil servant and Chief Economist at the TD Bank. He is now the Matthews Fellow and Visiting Scholar in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. He has been present at the defining moments of recent Canadian economic history. As a key strategist in the Department of Finance in the 1990s, he helped tame the deficit and debt crises and set the country on the road to substantive tax reform.

During almost 23 years at the federal Department of Finance, Don held a series of progressively more senior positions in the areas of economic analysis and forecasting, fiscal policy and tax policy. His last three positions were respectively, Assistant Deputy Minister of Fiscal Policy & Economic Analysis, Assistant Deputy Minister of Tax Policy & Legislation and most recently, Associate Deputy Minister. In this latter position, Don was responsible for economic analysis, fiscal policy, tax policy, social policy and federal-provincial relations, particularly coordinating the planning of the annual federal budgets.


To book Andrew Bowerbank, Dr. Lloyd Atkinson or Don Drummond for your next event give us a call at 416-420-4525 or be in touch via our site.

For a full list of our business and economy speakers please click here.

Summer Reading From Our Speakers


Looking for something to do during these long hazy evenings, or are heading up to the cottage sometime soon? Consider picking up one of these books from some of our favourite speakers:


Wingfield’s World – by Dan Needles. A comedic take on rural Canadiana, Needles’ popular plays are linked together in this lighthearted novel set in Persephone Township.
Shut Up and Eat – by  Kathy Buckworth. Buckworth’s collection of stories on motherhood, mealtimes, and the messiness of life will entertain and encourage you – and she’s thrown in some of her favourite recipes!
The Day I (Almost) Killed Two Gretzkys – by  James Duthie. A veteran sports reporter, Duthie shares a selection of his sports columns and several unpublished stories of life in the sports world, fatherhood, and his crush on Anna Kournikova.
Superbodies - by Greg Wells. Based on his award-winning segments during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Wells uses familiar stories and faces to unpack the science behind how our bodies work and give tips on increasing personal performance on and off the track.
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – by Robin Sharma. This fable brings together eastern wisdom with  western success principles to outline a new way toward fulfilling your dreams.
Moolala – by Bruce Sellery. A straightforward guide to managing your money, Sellery is a business journalist, analyst, and finance expert on Million Dollar Neighbourhood whose insights are sure to help simplify your spending chaos.
 Canada: Landscape of Dreams – by Roberta Bondar. Not only is she Canada’s first female astronaut, Bondar is also an accomplished nature photographer. This coffee table book highlights the beauty of our vast country.


Sales Performance: It Starts with Self Worth

Bob Urichuck; CMT, CSP, CSC and Sales Performance Trainer, on the vital importance of owning your worth.

Many people go through life and don’t realize their own value or self worth.

What value do you place upon yourself? This can be a difficult question and requires some thought. A lot of people would answer this question in monetary terms, others in relationship to their partner, family, their business, or their job and the value they bring to it.

But what about the value you bring to yourself?

In our sales training programs you learn how your self worth is a combination of your self esteem, self confidence and self respect. When comparing individuals with a weak self esteem to those with a strong self esteem, what are the obvious differences? Does self esteem play a major role? Of course, it does.

Weak self esteem produces low self confidence and low self worth/net worth; whereas strong self esteem produces much more confidence in oneself and increases one’s self and net worth accordingly.

Hence the importance of this topic in sales training – building the foundation

Self esteem is an internal sense of worth, the essence of a personality, and is reflected in ones self worth and net worth. Self esteem reflects an inner confidence and self-respect. Self esteem shines outwardly and is demonstrated by the actions one takes.

Your internal self worth, which consists of your self-esteem, self confidence and self respect, will become your external net worth.

It all begins with your beliefs. What you believe to be true about yourself usually generates equivalent self esteem, self confidence and self respect. Your beliefs determine your attitude which is a big part of self esteem. Are you carrying appropriate beliefs about yourself, or are you still carrying a lot of negative baggage? If the latter still exists, get rid of it.

You are an adult now and should be able to distinguish between fact and fiction. Get rid of the fiction.

Take control of your attitude and your mindset by ridding yourself of all those negative beliefs.

I believe we all came into this world as miracles and equal human beings regardless of race, religion, colour, nationality, sex, title or role. However, your exposure to the outside world with respect to family, religion, education, politics, etc., has influenced your inside world or your true self esteem. You have created your own fears, limitations and boundaries based on what you allowed inside from the outside world. You have become your own worst enemy.

Overtime your personal perceptions have been altered. Your self esteem has diminished and your self worth suddenly has limitations. Your level of courage is no longer what it was when you were a child.

In sales training you learn to go back and review your values as it relates to your self esteem. You need to remove some of the baggage that has been holding you back and contributing to your low self-esteem, self confidence and self respect. You need to boost your self esteem by acknowledging your worth and managing your emotions. Your self esteem portrays your values and affects the choices you make.

Simply by changing your internal thinking, you can reclaim your self-esteem, self confidence and self respect and strive for a level ten self esteem as your standard. This is a level of self esteem from which to strive forward. That is one of the many outcomes from our ongoing sales training programs.

It is a known fact that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. How you feel about yourself, in particular your self esteem is reflected in your daily conversations, your body language and your abilities.

You are responsible for your destiny and anything is possible with high quality self esteem.

Your self esteem, like your attitude, is within your control. Discipline yourself to take control of that most important person in the world. You are the all inclusive package of self esteem, self confidence and self respect.

All three attributes equal your self worth and in turn, your self worth will translate externally into your net worth.

What value do you place upon yourself?

This post has been modified from its original appearance.

The Best in the Business

These four cutting-edge leaders are sure to challenge and inspire your employees to innovative and creative engagement with your company’s vision.

Mark Thompson Mark Thompson
Executive, Author, Business LeaderMark is the co-founder & CEO of Richard Branson’s Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub for Virgin Unite. He is a faculty member for the prestigious World Economic Forum, a by-invitation-only organization comprised of the top 1,000 executives in the world.

“Your outstanding presentation helped raise the sense of urgency in our vision and connected just the right market trends with our cause. We were very fortunate that our mission aligned with the themes that you’ve studied all your life. Thanks for providing such a strong start for the program. You over delivered on our demanding request.” – VP, Schneider Electric

Angela Mondou Angela Mondou
Marketing Executive, Former Air Force CaptainAngela Mondou’s unconventional career has taken her from worldwide military operations to top-ranked high-tech companies. She led logistics strategies for NATO and launched products for RIM before starting an award-winning company that helps organizations execute product launch strategies, strategic marketing and ‘Sales Exceleration’ programs and leadership development programs.

“Angela Mondou’s ‘Mission Critical’ workshop is equivalent to spending a day on ‘The Apprentice’. The hands-on learning quickly highlights the key skills needed to be a successful leader in today’s fast paced environment.” – Marketing Manager, Canadian Tire Financial Services

Don Drummond Don Drummond
Expert on Economic & Policy IssuesDon Drummond, the former senior federal civil servant and Chief Economist at the TD Bank, is currently the Matthews Fellow and Visiting Scholar in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. In 2011, he was commissioned to do a report on the Ontario Government’s fiscal situation, a much-discussed project that is nearing completion.

“Don’s presentation was great. Fantastic insights on the current state of Canadian banking in light of and in relation to global trends. Clients appreciated the value he provided.” – KPMG

Richard Florida Richard Florida
Renowned Economic AuthorRichard Florida is one of the world’s leading intellectuals on the ties between economic competitiveness, urban trends, and cultural and technological innovation. He is a senior editor at The Atlantic, and head of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

“Never before have I seen anyone capture so succinctly the values and desires of the new ‘creative class’ and the essence of human capital and the creative ethos.” – Director, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

Innovators Are Doomsday Deniers

When you see today’s market volatility, are you keeping the big picture in perspective or are you prone to “aggressive indecision?”

Jim Carroll on innovation, optimism, and adjusting to the new norms.

Richard Florida Speaks on CNN

Richard Florida discussed the great reset of Urban Development in Economic Downturns on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, Sunday, August 29, 2010. He discussed the city and how it will change as Americans adapt to a world after the recession. (more…)

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Alexander Manu’s new book: Disruptive Business

Disruptive Business is a provocative and insightful redefinition of innovation as an outcome of human behaviour, a dynamic in constant change requiring the shaping of new responses in business and the economy. (more…)

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Frank O’Dea – CBC Champions of Change Judge

Frank O’Dea will be one of the judges for champions of Change contest that celebrates Canada’s top volunteers – Champions of Change. A champion of change himself, Frank O’Dea is the chair of our selection committee, the Top Ten Panel. (more…)

Jeff Rubin nominated for The National Business Book Award

Prospeakers.com is thrilled to announce that Jeff Rubin has been nominated for the prestigious National Business Book Award. (more…)

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